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"The first published compilation
from an online poet community!"(more...)

Come Into Our Whirl
by our members.
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Come Into Our Whirl: The First Cyber-Anthology of Poetry from the Poets Niche
Edited by Monica Blache & Walt Goodridge
Our Price: $16.95
Usually ships within 48 hours
Item PN001
ISBN: 09629202-6-6

order from us ($16.95 plus shipping; Limited supply!)

Book Description:
The first release from the Niche Market Network, Come Into Our Whirl represents a milestone in cooperative economics on the Internet.

The members of's Poets Niche, who had all been sharing poetry and building an online community for over a year, pooled their resources to publish a collection of the works of over

[Excerpt from Press Release]
The Niche, which now boasts 7 groups, (and still growing) is also possibly the first working example of Ujamaa, the Nguzu Saba principle of cooperative economics, (pronounced oo-jah-MAH), on the World Wide Web! The members, complete strangers before joining their new family, have pooled their dollars to compile and publish their first book entitled Come Into Our Whirl! (ISBN 0-9629202-6-6).

To commemorate the publication, Poets Niche members came from all over recently for The First Ever Poets Niche Book Signing and Offline Party in Atlanta, GA. They came from as far away as Toronto, Canada to meet the faces behind the words of fellow poets. It was a gathering that was attended by many including the Mayor of Union City, Georgia, who by official order, proclaimed August 6, 1999 as Poets Niche Day!

Read the exciting story of the creation of the Poets Niche, sample the creative, inspiring and entertaining poetic works of its members and discover how you too can be part of this life-changing group of visionaries who are changing the very meaning of what it is to be an artist in the new millenium!

order from us ($16.95 plus shipping; Limited supply!)

Lessons In Success Volume I
The Silent Performer

by Walt Goodridge
Our Price: $14.95
Usually ships within 48 hours
ISBN: 09629202-7-4
Item: WG001

Book Description: It started with a single email and has now grown into a movement with tens of thousands of followers who tune in regularly to Walt Goodridge (known throughout cyberspace as "The Inspirer") and his motivational, inspirational, success thoughts he calls Walt’s Friday Inspirations.

Now, the long-awaited classic (previously available in electronic format only), is now set for worldwide release in October of 1999. This is destined to be a self-help, success and motivational classic. Order yours now!

"[Lessons in Success] is much more than I expected. I am fascinated by your journey and very familiar with some of the paths you have taken. There are a few books I have read in my life that have had a profound impact on me: How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World (Harry Browne); Winning Through Intimidation; The Prince (Machiaveli); The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin; The Art of War; Do What you Love and Money will Follow; As A Man Thinketh; You Just Don't Understand. I have a feeling your book may fall in a category with these. Thank you for sharing!" -Leon Capers, Jr.
Black Collegiate Magazine

And here's what others had to say:

  • Thanks Walt, It's amazing how you are able to put into words how people (including yourself) feel. I needed to be reminded of my "birthright" today!! your sister in the universe--helen
  • Absolutely wonderful. Absolutely divine. Absolutely incredible. That's what you bring to me each and every time I read one of your inspirations. May the Creator continue to bless and shine his ever present light on you and all of his creation. I love you Walt for what you give to me "unconditionally" especially when I need it most. It's like you just knew today I needed to hear the words you just gave me...just because I am. I thank you my brother.-Peace - Avery
  • you said so many things that I can relate to. With your poem I have seen a part of me that was always there, but I was to afraid to express it.-T. C. C. Gibbs
  • This is truly beautiful. Walt, you are the bomb!! It's amazing what the universe has chosen to bless you with. I loved it. And thank you for the message from God... I receive it. Love and Peace,-Odette
  • this is so-o-o-o-o powerfully DEEP!!! thanx... i feel this was really meant for me today.-GarnettWC
  • Keep them coming, cause you are soothing a lot of hearts.-Jz
  • You are truly talented. May the one above keep allowing you to share your gift. Thanks again and I'll be forever looking forward to Fridays!--Kemba

    order from us ($12.95 plus shipping; VERY Limited supply!)

  • Soul Poetry
    by David Weeks
    Our Price: $12.95
    ITEM DW001
    Ships Within 2-3 days
    ISBN: 0-9701711-0-2

    Book Description: a versatile collection of poems that focuses on expressing a positive message towards the upliftment of his people, and the unity of humanity as a whole. Experience the power of the debut publication of poetsniche member and Niche Network Associate David Weeks

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