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  • to meet, share with and network with other poets
  • the chance to have your work selected as Poem of the Week
  • Information on publishing/copyrighting
  • your own website
  • to be part of our next compilation/anthology
  • software for the poet-preneur
  • ANY book at 30% savings, THEN the Poets Niche is where you want to be!

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    To meet, share with and network with other poets
    What makes the Poets Niche unique is that we've created a forum for you and poets from around the world to share your work, and receive constructive criticism, support, advice, love and friendship from other creative folk like you! Join now!

    The chance to have your work selected as Poem of the Week
    Every week or so we select some of the poems submitted throughout the week to be posted on our site as Poems of the Week! The poems stay in our on-site archives to give others the chance to enjoy some of your best work!

    COMING SOON:Poets Resource Center
    Every new poet needs to know how to protect their work, sell their creations, self-publish and more. The Resource Center has books, links to helpful sites and more!

    Your own website
    The Poets Niche is growing! As more people visit our site, you won't want to miss the chance to have a webpage where publishers, magazine editors, writers, reporters, readers, and other poets can find out about you and possibly boost your career!

    Be part of our next compilation/anthology
    Come Into Our Whirl Volume I is about to be published! Find out how to be a part of it all!

    COMING SOON!Software for the Poet-preneur
    COMING SOON! "Try before you buy" software to help you organize your writings, self-publish your work, boost your business and more!

    ANY book at 30% savings!
    Support the Poets Niche by purchasing ANY book you want, from our Offline Shopper Service, We have agreements with,, and other independent suppliers across the world to get you virtually ANY book you want, and usually at some savings to you! Buying the books you want from us helps us to grow!

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    Here's what's going to happen..!

    How it All Started!
    The story of how the poets niche started!

    We're Changing Lives!
    Read inspiring stories and emails from people whose lives are being changed for the better by our special family!

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    The world is discovering us!

    Here's What the Poets Niche Can Do For You!
    Everything for the Poet
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    Instructions on how to get your creations seen by your new family!

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