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"You look nothing like I imagined!"
"Now I have a face to match a screenname."
"You're much too young to write so old!"
"I'm so happy that I came!"

"It's so nice to finally met you!"
"Your work is so divine!"
such was the chatter in Atlanta
when poets niche poets met face to face
for the first time ever offline!

Atlanta, GA:
And they came from all over! They rode motorbikes from Michigan! Cars from Canada! Members and non-members alike drove in from Tuskegee, New York, Maryland and right there in Hotlanta to be part of the first ever Poets Niche book signing and Offline Party held in Atlanta Georgia on August 5, thru August 8, 1999!

Thursday was mainly a day for hugs and greetings! Saturday was the midday luncheon at Sylvia's....But it was Friday night at the Shark Bar that was the main event!

On hand for the event were the Mayor of Union City, Georgia! That's right, Mayor Ralph Moore not only took pictures with members at the book signing, but even bought a copy of Come Into Our Whirl, and will in fact proclaim August 6 as Poets Niche Day! The mayor also agreed to publicize our work in the city's local newspaper.

Tasha Tavaras, who's email over a year ago set events in motion which resulted in the creation of the Poets Niche, opened the event with a welcome (she's from Atlanta, you know) and introduced our own Inspirer, and founder of the Poets Niche, Walt Goodridge. After recounting the now famous Poets Niche origin story, Walt then introduced Monica Blache (moni, to the rest of us), the woman whose soul permeates the niche, who then proceeded to fill in the blanks in Walt's story. (Seems their versions of how moni was tricked....oops, I mean enticed to take on her current responsibilities differ slightly!)

Moni recounted her own unique take on the events that led to her involvement in the niche nd then thanked the many members whose support has kept it all together! There were gift baskets, t-shirts, pottery and more for members and supporters!

Moni's Awards were followed by readings by moni herself, Tasha T, David Weeks, Kat Smith, Linval "James" London, Robin Porter /bams, Saleem & Mocha!

Special guest poets Patrick McDonald who as at the Shark Bar as well for a book release, as well as David's special invited gues, Loris Mosby took the mike and rocked the house!

Walt ended the readings with a single Inspiration entitled "Lights, Camera, Action", and then it was on to the book signing with all the poets seated behind the table autographing copies of our book for our supportive public! (By the way, word on the street is that this book is THA BOMB! It's one of the most professionally done poetry books, many have ever seen)

The book signings continued late into the night as we were joined by Atlanta partygoers and Sharkbar patrons who came downstairs to get their groove on! So we wrapped up the night laughing, planning, and dancing! It seems Walt can inspire crowds on the dancefloor as well, and was reportedly the last to leave the SharkBar in the wee hours of Sunday morning!

Throughout the four day event, faxes and telephone calls poured in from people (all around the country interested in more information about the Poets Niche; (moni was still working the phones even at the Shark Bar and at Sylvia's handling incoming calls from all over from people interested in being a part of this explosion! (Everyone wanted to meet the famous "moni")

Gloria Ware (a new member) also dropped in at Sylvia's to meet her "new" family members.

Sandy Pruitt (Sandy P) and Atlanta resident, who came to the hotel to finally meet "moni" and was then introduced to Walt; also joined us at the Shark Bar;

Moni did a telephone interview with the Atlanta Constitution Newspaper (and mentioned the names of the Atlanta poets - so they can get their props) and filled them in on the events taking place that weekend, and the future of the Poets Niche; and

The Poets Niche Book Signing and Offline Party was a resounding success and is but the first of many future events which will feature workshops targeted at helping bring profit to poets, trainings and readings and much much more! So, stay Tuned!


1. If you're in Atlanta, and you want to pick up a copy of the book, you can check out Dare Books at 9 Edgewood Avenue, corner of Peachtree St --across from Woodruff Park in Downtown Atlanta Call (404)588-9411 and ask for Samba! He might have a copy left!

2. Pictures of the event!

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