Poets Niche Book Signing and Poetry Reading
New Orleans, LA-1999! PART 1

New Orleans Event Photogallery Part 2

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[A full house! moni shares her version of how the Poets Niche got started!]

[Our fearless leader!]

[moni, Jesse August (Atlanta Event Sponsor), and Nyra!]

[A.Shelly heard about us on the Q93 radio interview and came down to participate, network and enjoy the fun!]

[Monique F. wows the whirl!]

[Nyra sings Prayers to Our Ancestors. Nyra is mother of singer Ledisi (see moni's Top Ten #50)]

[Tina Marie, featured in Come Into Our Whirl, shares her work. Bet you didn't know she's a songwriter too!]

[Richard Thomas plays along with Nyra's daughter's CD 'Soul Singer'!]

[What a talented group! Moni belts out a tune with Richard Thomas! Eat your heart out Whitney!!]

[Special guest poet, poetry consultant, Data News Weekly editor and New Orleans Resident Mona Duffel shares 'Black Man - Dead Man'!]

[L-R: Mona, Amy, Moni, Anaiele, Tina, Nyra, Sara, and A.Shelley up front!!]

[Nyra, Mathew Wilson, Sara Wilson (moni's parents), and moni!]

[moni and  Marvin, a supporter!]

[moni and Richard Thomas share a smile for the cameran!]

[Some of the phenomenal creations at the Visual Jazz Art Gallery!]

New Orleans Event Photogallery Part 2
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