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Here are a few inspiring emails of the dozens we receive which make it all worth while!

JANUARY 25, 1999

(permission granted to share this email)


Again thanks so much for allowing Eryn's poem to be featured on the Niche. When I first told her of it she was very excited and expressed a form of happiness I hadn't seen in a very long time (from her). Eryn stopped smiling when her father passed away four years ago. We were spared some sadness with the birth of her sister Lyndsey (Lynn was born the day her father was buried). Since then, Eryn has only expressed her feelings to her diary and Lyndsey. She takes the time to teach this little person everything she has inside of her (her kindness and warmth are seen when these two are together). We both have discovered happiness thru a large amount of sadness, and now thanks to you guys I have my daughter back (slowly, but back). Eryn is writing more, and coming out of an extremely hard shell (trying to over come that difficult age where everything is wrong about her). She smiles occasionally (but speaks less). Eryn is a very beautiful and bright young lady whom with the help of people like you is finally seeing what the rest of us have seen for almost 11 years now.

Thanks to you, Bam-Bam, David, and the other poets for your praise and encouragement. You guys have done more for Eryn than words can ever say.

Thanks again,


From: Monique Fradieu
Date: Sun, Jan 24, 1999 4:08 PM
Subject: Re: moni's top 10 minus 4

thanks so much for coming to my performance and book signing and thanks for the beautiful card.

also, thanks for the wonderful review in moni's top 10 minus 4.

i read "wedding night" and it is all that! i love it!

you are a woman after my own heart.

love ya,

monique fradieu


shenita said: The interview (bams) was wonderful and informative. I have often wondered how I could contribute to the Poet Niche's. So many people write such wonderful poems. . .I use to write poetry, years ago, but stopped. Unfortunately, I feel that I have lost the talent. However, I have been blessed with the ability to inspire people through motivational writing. And that's what I will contribute. I don't know when, I don't know how much, I just know that it will come. . .I saw Les Brown speak this past Sunday and was "so excited," I almost came into work to use the computer to write to the Poet Niche. But, instead, I went home to savor in the flavor of the moment. It was "oh so good". . .I'm not quite sure where the Poet's Niche is heading but I'm so glad that they picked me up along the way. God, it's so wonderful to be in the company of progressive folks. . .If it's true that you attract people into your life who reflect you, I must say. . .I must be projecting a wonderful image! Your efforts to unite the family is incredible. Be blessed my sister. I'm so glad to be apart of your family.

moni said: after eating 12 chocolate chip cookies & drinking a diet coke, i sat down to re-read ur email in the privacy of my own home. . .you touched my soul with such kind words. . .i'm delighted that u got 2 see Les Brown & i can't wait 2 read ur motivational writing!! u'll never know what soul or heart u'll touch or motive with your words until U submit it. . .here's a thought! since you feel "poetry" is not quite your forte, as part of moni's top 10 (either bi-weekly or monthly), i can include a section called "FROM THE QUEEN'S THRONE". . .this way, you can use this as a forum to use ur motivational writing to uplift & inspire our members to continue reaching for the stars. . .let me know what you think.

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