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THE SHORT VERSION: Back in August of 1997, Walt Goodridge, president of "a company called W" and creator of the website began sending out his Friday Inspirations to a small group of friends family and business partners.

As interest in his unique style of inspiring poetry grew, in June of 1998, several people who found themselves on his list suggested that he create a "Poetry niche" in addition to the other niches on the young website.

Sensing a real interest, Walt contacted several of the people who had made similar suggestions and within a week launched the email listserve which is uniting poetry lovers and creators from around the world, creating friendships and changing lives!

During a phone conversation between Walt and Monica Blache, one of the founding members, the two realized they shared a similar vision for where this thing could go. Moni, who shuns titles and prefers to be called simply "The Really nice person who keeps things running smoothly at the Poets Niche" became the energy which has kept the Poets Niche heading up into the clouds as Walt's responsibilities with the now popular website increased! (See   Who the Heck is Moni? for more!)

Word spread quickly as people realized they were part of something really special which was just getting started! They told friends, and their friends told others and YOU are becoming a part of all the fun!

*The full story as well as actual emails, ideas and thoughts which led to the creation of the Poets Niche are available in Come Into Our Whirl, the first compilation of work and stories by the Poets Niche Poets!

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