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Can you handle it? Sometimes it's praise. Sometimes it's criticism. Sometimes it's suggestions...but always with love! Comments from the Peanut Gallery is a new feature of the Poets Niche which gives poets a chance to get some honest public feedback of their work....Moderated by Poets Niche member, Rose "BAMS" Cooper!

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This week's poem: "ROAD OF NO RETURN"

Author (pen and/or real name): Rodney Coates

Copyright notice: Rodney//99

Poets Niche Group #4


Slow - beats the drums
from long ago and a
distant shore - lost in the
memory of misery.

Silent - flows the tears of
mothers, fathers,
sons, daughters - stolen
in the middle of their morning.

Dark - goes the tunnels, down
that passage, through the
portal to this continuous night of despair.

Angry - shouts the walls
floors stained with blood dried
centuries ago by those whose
silent screams yet fills the void.

Thick - listens the air to cries without
names, feel their souls
poured out into the mist as
million blend into million.

Silent - dreams, stolen in their
glory, captured in their beauty,
tortured in their prime,
lost on the road of no return.



Comments from the poet(s):

"On the coast of Ghana one finds an original slave Castle, preserved and in all its insanity kept for all to visit. Going there is eerie, as you walk down the tunnels into the slave pit where the only light comes from small 4x4 inch slots 30 feet up in the ceiling. Here the slaves (separated by sex) would wait, crowded in this dark, damp place for the slaver to arrive. When it did, they would be herded through the narrow passage ways where the final gate one reads the following script - Road of No Return. This poem was written after that journey, and is the third of the Ghana series".


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