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[ Why I write ]

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[ About Me ]

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It is an attempt at sanity, an act of bravery and cowardice combined. It is a brief moment when thought and pen coagulate at the vertex of an idea that beckons to be expressed.

Writing is a form of pantheism for me, a continuum of opposites that are always evolving. It is liberating yet confining, it is peaceful while being chaotic; it is clarity mixed with confusion and it is a healing within a contagion. All vying for a piece of the paper at the same time. How anything I write is ever understood, I have no idea. It is hell orbiting an oasis. It is the other side of never, the very bottom of the abyss and the apex of the Mount all wrapped into one.

Yet, if in something that I have written: someone finds peace, solace, a way out or a new beginning, then I have mastered more than the Universe. I have become a liberator of mindheartbodysouls …

Truly, of all that I have experienced and witnessed in this sojourn on earth, the highest compliment that I could ever receive would be that of "…above all else he was a Poet."

Saleem Abdal-Khaaliq
January 1999