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How to share your work with the members of your new online family

Hi Poets,

The Poets Niche is a unique concept which gives poets and poetry lovers a unique opportunity to interact on a more personal level than simply via website. You're part of something quite innovative within the online poetry world!

The Poets Niche is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing websites on the internet. With popularity, however, we will periodically experience growing pains. Therefore, it is imperative that we maintain the integrity of the Poets Niche, and respect the wishes of our fellow members. Because of the volume of email(s) being disseminated to each group, it is important that WE ALL abide by the following SUBMISSION GUIDELINES:

How the Poets Niche is intended to work.

1. This forum is for the submission of POETRY ONLY!

2. When you join the Poets Niche you are automatically added to a group with other poets. We will email you your special email address.

3. As a member of the group, you will also RECEIVE poem(s) from other members who submit their POEM(s) [and POEMS ONLY] through the special email address.

IMPORTANT: If 10 members decide to share their poem(s) on any given day, you will receive 10 emails from 10 members of the group. If 20 members decide to share their work on any given day, you'll receive 20 emails, etc.

4. To share your POEM(s) [and POEMS ONLY] with members, you should send an email containing your poem(s) [and POEMS ONLY] to the special email address. This special email address then distributes your poem(s) to all the members in your particular group. This allows every member of that particular group to read your POEM(s) in the email you SEND.

5. ALL POEMS [and POEMS ONLY] submitted to members must be included in the body of the email and not sent as an attached document.

6. Those members receiving poems from other members will then email their comments directly to the poet submitting their poem(s) for review. For example:

From: moni

Roses are red
violets are blue
I hope you don't think
this is ridiculous to do.

As a recipient of "moni's" poem, if you want to comment on "moni's poem", you MUST direct your remarks specifically to moni (as the author of that particular poem), and not to the entire group --

7. This forum is for the submission of POETRY ONLY. Therefore, please do not submit wishes, prayers, advertisements, RANDOM THOUGHTS, ADVICE, or emails forwarded to you that you just had to forward along, to group members (unless specifically authorized to do so). Please submit this information to ME ONLY at (, and I will include any pertinent information in moni's top 10 E-Zine (The Poets Niche Official Weekly Newsletter).

8. If you have formed friendships with a SPECIFIC MEMBER, please feel free to email Non-Poetry information to that INDIVIDUAL (only after you have obtained authorization to do so).

9. As the group grows, we will split the group to keep the numbers of emails down. The only way NOT to receive emails is to unsubscribe from the group. For those of you who choose this option, simply return to the Poets Niche welcome page (, click on "join the Poets Niche," enter your email address and select "UNSUBSCRIBE". PLEASE DO NOT SEND YOUR REMOVE REQUEST to your special email address. If you choose to unsubscribe, but would still like to enjoy our poets' work, you can visit the Poem(s) of the Week page on the site.

10. Since many of our members receive email at work, please do not jeopardize their ability to fully participate by over SATURATING THE GROUP WITH MORE THAN A COUPLE POEMS A WEEK - i.e., please DO NOT email more than 2 or 3 poems a week.

This allows members the opportunity to review your poems, as well as give them a chance to respond accordingly. When there is a backlog of poems for members to read, it can be very overwhelming. More importantly, however, we want everyone to ENJOY connecting with the words you have written. In order for them to do that, some time is needed for them to filter your words through their minds so that the connection is made with the hearts and souls. Therefore, please make every effort to abide by the above-mentioned guideline.

If you feel you've transgressed, please do not send an "Apology" email to the group as this only exacerbates this situation. THANKS FOR UNDERSTANDING, and WE GREATLY APPRECIATE YOUR COOPERATION!

11. Please do not email poems and/or any other information containing excessive use of profanity, pornography, or the degradation of any race or gender.

12. If you believe what you are emailing to fellow members is questionable, please email ME ONLY at ( FIRST so that we may discuss any questions you may have regarding the submission procedure.

Please feel free to email me at ( or walt at ( if you have any questions, suggestions or comments. THANKS FOR UNDERSTANDING, and we greatly appreciate your cooperation.

Moni & Walt

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