Issue #53 - moni's top 10 E-ZINE
(The Poets Niche Official Newsletter)
Wednesday, January 12, 2000


"The artist must draw out of his soul the correct image of the world.
He must use this image to band his brothers and sisters together."

           Poet and Writer, Amiri Bakara, 1934-



-  moni's POEM OF THE WEEK


1)  WHAT'S YOUR NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION?  Well, the Year 2000 started
off pretty much like every New Year before it -- A BRAND NEW DAY!!! 
Each day we are given the opportunity to greet the world with the
newness of life, with the resilience to try again to be a brand new
you, with a chance to inspire someone else, with the choice to respect
the wishes of others, and the power to forgive those without expecting
an explanation.  Therefore, every new day God gives me, I am resolved

- streamline all the madness; 
- cutout all the negativeness; 
- find comfort in the space I occupy; 
- love regardless of the outcome; and, 
- be grateful for the HERE and NOW!


2)  SECOND NAWLINS WHIRL TOUR - Hey, Mona, Monique, Nyra and Tina,
LET'S DO IT AGAIN, because we have HIT DA BIG TIME!!!  Now, I'm not the
kind of person to BRAG, but I WILL for this SPECIAL OCCASION.  [For
those of you who didn't make it to our last little shindig -- the Pre
Bayou Classic Bash and NAWLINS WHIRL TOUR held on November 20th], I
guarantee you that you don't want to miss this one.  WHY?  Because all
my hard work has finally paid off.  WHY?  Because the members of the
Poets Niche have been invited to hold its next book signing of "COME

WHERE:  BARNES & NOBLE, 3721 Veterans Memorial Blvd., Metairie, LA (a
suburb of New Orleans)

DATE:   March 11, 2000
TIME:	2:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

I would like to personally thank Jan Clifford, the Events Coordinator,
for making this a very special book signing event for the members of
the Poets Niche!  As part of the publicity, we will be featured in
Barnes & Noble's March Calendar of Events, and a huge poster will be
designed and displayed in the front of the bookstore advertising our
book signing.  WOW!

Only ten (10) members will be allowed to perform.  Therefore, if you
want to join in on the fun, please email me ASAP at
(  I hope 2 SEE U THERE!


This Poets Niche member never ceases to amaze me, and this time is no
different!!  Why?  Well, because no matter how busy she is, Tina always
finds the time to make someone else feel special!  Case in point --
loss for words (which is rare for me), you can read this for yourself.  

"Originally from New Orleans also, his history is a little similar to
Young Bleed.  Mystikal was the one of the first rappers from New
Orleans to get nationwide exposure.  He released his first album "Mind
Of Mystikal" in 1994 on Big Boy Records.  Once he started getting some
recognition he then signed a contract with the well-known Jive Records
where "Mind Of Mystikal" was re-released with a few extra cuts. 
Mystikal a/k/a Michael Tyler, is 26 years old.  He was in the Desert
Storm War, and is where he got his idea to form his original crew, the
Boot Camp Clicc.  Mystikal made his first appearance on No Limit on
Steady Mobb'n's album on a song called "Its On".  He then reappeared on
the "Bout It" soundtrack on "What 'Cha Think".  After hearing the song,
P was quoted as saying, "This is the type of lyrics that should be said
on my label."  In a Rolling Stone article, P said he and Mystikal share
a bond and can relate to one another because they both had siblings who
were murdered -- P's brother, Kevin, and Mystikal's sister, Michelle
Tyler.  Mystikal's tale is a little deeper because his sister was
murdered by her boyfriend.  He tells the whole story in "Murder 2". 
Michelle makes an appearance on Mystikal's first album on a song
called "Not That Nigga" where she sings the chorus." [This bio was
taken from Mystikal's home webpage (]. 

If you haven't already figured it out, here's the scoop on the Tina
Marie and Mystikal connection told in Tina's own words!!!

"moni, I wanted to share a very touching story with you and my fellow
poets.  I called Mystikal just to say "Hi" and wish he and his mom a
safe and happy holiday season.  During our conversation, he reminded me
that his sister Michelle's birthday was on New Year's Day.  I told him
that I had a great idea to help him celebrate her birthday and the
legacy of her love.  I asked him if he would like me to combine
Michelle's picture with my poem "Unexplained" and put it in the
Memorial section of the Times Picayune.  [I wrote "Unexplained" for
Michelle shortly after she was murdered in 1994].  Well, as they
say, "the rest is history."  Michelle's picture along with my
poem "Unexplained" appeared in the Times Picayune on 1/1 and 1/9/2000. 
Mystikal told me that he was truly touched by my token of remembrance
and proud to have his own little "Maya Angelou as a friend."  Below is
a copy of "Unexplained". 

Mystikal also came to my house and brought me a surprise Christmas 
gift (which I'll keep that part of the story to myself -- HAHA).  moni
you should have seen how shocked the neighborhood kids were when they
saw Mystikal pull up in "my" driveway with Christmas presents.  Before
he left, Mystikal gave all of us a real MINI LIVE CONCERT.  Everybody
was singing and dancing; dancing and singing!

But the best part, of course, was that I took a picture of Mystikal
reading our book, "Come Into Our Whirl" (which he said was "fabulous")."

A loss for words, a chilling sound, a real bad wreck 
that left no one alive

A hot knife at the highest degree, resting in your 
chest as long as need be

A baby's cry that sounds like it's in pain, the face 
of a troubled man

The still ocean that used to bear tides, ever-flowing 
water teardrops I cry

Pain in mom's heart no doctor on earth can heal; 
yet she's got a father whose eyes don't stay still
For my sister left this world against her will, 
I often think of her, I keep a chill 

Yet it's not theirs, yours or mine at the end, 
it's His will

Because of her expectations, I will survive, 
I must keep my eye on the prize
My love for her will never die, she was life, 
and this world now seems incomplete
Yet I know in another life again we'll meet
Each day I pray Lord, please take more of this 
pain away!
Dedicated to Mystikal in memory of
 his sister, Michelle Tyler
   Tina Marie Clark  1994

Between Tina's connections with Rita Marley and Mystikal, you can be
guaranteed that her future is certainly written in the STARS!!!  Please
feel free to send your love and comments directly to Tina at
(  Also, if you would like to see a picture of
Mystikal reading "COME INTO OUR WHIRL, please email me and I will
forward you a copy.  


4)  SUBMISSION GUIDELINES REVISITED - As we continue to grow, every now
and then we will experience a few hiccups along the way.  I thought it
was best to re-send the Submission Guidelines in an effort maintain the
integrity of the Poets Niche.  And just so you know, we now have 8
groups and on the verge of starting a 9th group.  Therefore, this
membership surge is proof that the Poets Niche is quickly becoming one
of the most popular websites on the internet.  I hope you will
understand why I will periodically revisit this issue so that we
continue to stay on track while still honoring the wishes and needs of
all our members.


a.  This forum is for the submission of POETRY ONLY!

b.  When you join the Poets Niche you are automatically added to a
group with other poets.  We will email you your special email address.

c.  As a member of the group, you will also RECEIVE poem(s) from other
members who submit their POEM(s) [and POEMS ONLY] through the special email address.

IMPORTANT: If 10 members decide to share their poem(s) on any given
day, you will receive 10 emails from 10 members of the group.  If 20
members decide to share their work on any given day, you'll receive 20
emails, etc.

d.  To share your POEM(s) [and POEMS ONLY] with members, you should
send an email containing your poem(s) [and POEMS ONLY] to the special email address.  This special email address then
distributes your poem(s) to all the members in your particular group.
This allows every member of that particular group to read your POEM(s)
in the email you SEND.

e.  ALL POEMS [and POEMS ONLY] submitted to members must be included in
the body of the email and not sent as an attached document.

f.  Those members receiving poems from other members will then email
their comments directly to the poet submitting their poem(s) for
review.  For example:

From: moni

Roses are red
violets are blue
I hope you don't think
this is ridiculous to do.

As a recipient of "moni's" poem, if you want to comment on "moni's
poem", you MUST direct your remarks specifically to moni (as the author
of that particular poem), and not to the entire group --

g.  This forum is for the submission of POETRY ONLY.  Therefore, please
do not submit wishes, prayers, advertisements, RANDOM THOUGHTS, ADVICE,
or emails forwarded to you that you just had to forward along, to group
members (unless specifically authorized to do so).  Please submit this
information to ME ONLY at (, and I will include
any pertinent information in moni's top 10 E-Zine (The Poets Niche
Official Weekly Newsletter).

h.  If you have formed friendships with a SPECIFIC MEMBER, please feel
free to email Non-Poetry information to that INDIVIDUAL (only after you
have obtained authorization to do so).

i.  As the group grows, we will split the group to keep the numbers of
emails down.  The only way NOT to receive emails is to unsubscribe from
the group.  For those of you who choose this option, simply return to
the Poets Niche welcome page (, click on "join the
Poets Niche," enter your email address and select "UNSUBSCRIBE". 
PLEASE DO NOT SEND YOUR REMOVE REQUEST to your special email address. 
If you choose to unsubscribe, but would still like to enjoy our poets'
work, you can visit the Poem(s) of the Week page on the site.

j.  Since many of our members receive email at work, please do not
jeopardize their ability to fully participate by over saturating the
group with more than a couple poems a week - i.e., please do not email
more than 2 or 3 poems a day or a couple poems a week.  [However, it is
suggested that you obtain a "second" email address from other provider 
- such as (; (, etc., so that Poets
Niche information is emailed to that account]. 

k.  Please do not email poems and/or any other information containing
excessive use of profanity, pornography, or the degradation of any race
or gender.

l.  If you believe what you are emailing to fellow members is
questionable, please email ME ONLY at ( FIRST so
that we may discuss any questions you may have regarding the submission

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please feel free to
email me at ( or Walt at ( 


5)  ARE YOU A CAPRICORN?  If you were born between December 22nd and
January 19th, [like Poets Niche members, Padmore and Linval] then it's
a safe bet to say that you're a Capricorn.   The sea-goat is the
symbol, which represents Capricorn, the tenth astrological zodiac
sign.  The keyword that best describes a Capricorn is SELF-MASTERY
because they take pride in managing the affairs of others but strive to
be in control of their own lives because they exude confidence. 
However, when the occasion calls for fun, you can be guaranteed that
Capricorns know how to be the life of the party, especially on




               Dear Lover 
        Bridgett Alyce  1999

Dear Lover: 

Twenty-four hours, four minutes, and fifteen seconds have gone by since
we touched.  I've been sitting here, waiting for the impossible. 
Waiting for my breathing to return to normal.  Waiting for my heart to
slow its pace. Waiting for my hunger pangs to subside.  Waiting for
this damn agony to cease...just waiting.  Waiting for the pain of
missing you to take a sudden turn and begin to flow into the delicious
ache of sweet anticipation of your return. 

Twenty-four hours, ten minutes, and twenty-five seconds have passed
since we kissed.  And it seems like an eternity, my Sweet Heart.  I've
been dreaming of the improbable.  Dreaming that the world as we know
it, would somehow disappear and we could be free to be who we are.
Lovers.  Free to tell everyone we meet how precious this love is.  Free
to love in the light of day.  All day ~ every day...dreaming.  Dreaming
that you will come, unencumbered, to MY arms.  Dreaming that I will
receive you, unfettered, into MY life... 

Twenty-four hours, fifty-nine minutes and fifty-nine seconds have
droned by since we said, "until next time, Love"...and I've been
sitting here wondering, 

"when will that be?" 

               THE END

THANKS A BUNCH Bridgette!!!  I'm sure it's a whole lot nicer to receive
a "Dear Lover" letter, rather than a "Dear John" note.  Please feel
free to send your comments and love to Bridgette at


7)  POETREE U SAY - You might want to consider submitting your work to
the following new magazines:

- Susan Harris has started a New York black women's magazine, Mahogany
Blue.  This bi-monthly magazine was created for the New York woman of
color.  If you are a writer, designer or photographer, and would like
to contribute your work to Mahogany Blue for possible publication,
please email Susan or  She
would also like you and anyone you know to call the subscriber's line
at (212) 946-1755 for a free year's subscription.  Good Luck!!!

- One of our own, TASHA TAVARAS and her sister Vonnett, are starting a
new magazine -- WHAT'S WITHIN YOU -- for the Arts including poetry. 
The first issue is slated to be out at the end of August 2000.  Their
Vision is to give exposure to minority artists, and each issue will
feature artists in the areas of Short Story, Poetry, Essay, Novel
Excerpt, Photo, Photo w/Caption, Painting, Drawings, and Song Lyrics. 
Artists will retain all rights to their material!  The magazine will be
published bi-monthly, and distributed mainly in Atlanta, until they
build up a market.  All submissions should be sent through snail-mail
except for poetry, which will be accepted through either snail-mail or
e-mail at (  For submission guidelines or if you
have any questions, please e-mail Tasha at or  Tasha and Vonnett, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!! 


8)  PRAYER REQUEST and HELP NEEDED - On Monday, our sister Angela Jones
Carr, underwent a minor medical procedure.  Therefore, she'll be out of
the loop for a couple of weeks.  To make her feel all better, please
feel free to send your Get Well cards and love to Angela at


* * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Poets Niche member, JO ANN TAYLOR, is still working on the Operation
Angel's Memorial Quilt, similar to the AIDS Quilt.  (See Issue #33 of
THE TEN for additional information).  Operation Angel is an online
ministry and support group for women who have experienced the pain and
trauma of a miscarriage.  Each square needs to be a six inch unfinished
piece.  All of the pieces will be put together and quilted by
volunteers.  There is no particular time limit because this is an on
going project.  But, Jo Ann is brainstorming on yet another venture of
Operation Angel -- a Memorial Recipe Book.   Please email her your
favorite recipes, which should include how many people the recipe
serves, and American measurements if you use the metric system of
measurements.  Since it's a Memorial Book, you will also need to
include your baby's name(s) and date of loss.  Please feel free to send
as many recipes as you'd like to Jo Ann at (, and visit
her website at ( 


9)  POEMS OF THE WEEK 59 - I thought I would share two of the comments
I received regarding Poems of the Week 58.  Let it never be said that
YOUR COMMENTS do not leave a lasting impact on the lives you touch.

* * * * * * * * 
FROM BRIDGETTE ALYCE:  I truly enjoy this forum and all the beautiful
poets I've communicated with.  I just wanted to take this moment to
thank you for deeming my poem "In The Midnight Hour", worthy of your
list for the week.  I am honored because there are so many excellent
poets in this association.  You give me courage/encouragement! 

FROM JACQUELINE:  I've only been a member of niche8 a short time, but I
enjoy sharing words, ideas with the other members.  I want to say that
I was quite pleased to see my name and poem "Lonely Echo" mentioned in
Poems of the Week.  I will be on cloud 9 way into the new century.  I
must say, you have an exceptional ability to choose really good poems
(hee hee).  Here's wishing the Poets Niche and an especially blessed
holiday and a healthy and prosperous New Year.

* * * * * * * * * *

    THE GIFT by Chris Hare 
    THE UNTOLD STORY by Shioney Dillon 
    LONGINGS by Damaa 
    INSPIRATION by Jezula 
    DAYDREAM by Bishop 

Check out Poems of the Week 59 at ( and see what all
the fuss is about. THANK YOU POETS!!!  We could not do this without


10)  Well, this concludes my first issue of THE TEN for the Year 2000! 
Again, thanks for all the cards, flowers, love notes, songs, prayers,
candy, email messages, and jokes sent my way during the holidays.  I
apologize, however, for not timely respond to everyone.  Please know
that your continued support, wishes, prayers and love is overwhelming!!!

Below is moni's Poem of the Week.  Your comments are always welcomed
and greatly appreciated.  Until we meet again!

much love


                       2 WORDS

Captured by the stillness of time, her only resistance 
was the passing of each day.

Constantly pulled back to an era of flashbacks, she stood
still pondering why him and why now?

He said, "I do."

She gloated because she had found the black hole's vortex, 
the source of its power and the origins of its life force.

It was nestled in between a time capsule of hellos and 
good-byes; of smiles and gestured looks; of missed 
opportunities and lost time.

And when he took her hand and slipped the band of forever 
on her finger, a rainbow of vibrant colors swirled around 
her, spinning her into its center.

A chorus of humming angels wrapped her in a cocoon of love,
and in the background a symphony of contentment played in 
the key of yes.

The stars tiptoed across her heart while the melody of 
togetherness tucked itself inside the home it had found.

When she heard those two words echo from the church's 
steeple, a shower of fulfillment washed away those years 
of nothing; and blissfulness filled her lungs with the 
love she only dreamed of.

With the sound of his voice, she knew with certainty that 
time had not forgotten her, but that love had finally
caught up with her when she...stopped...looking.

            Monica D. Blache (c) 2000

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