issue #26 - moni's top 10
April 5, 1999


                              APRIL IS POETRY MONTH!


1)  PRAYERS FOR OUR SISTER - You may recall that last December Poets Niche 
member, Karen Roberts, was scheduled to have a kidney transplant.  However, 
through a series of events, the surgery had been postponed.  Quite naturally, 
Karen was depressed, but she knew God had a reason for the postponement.  With 
a new found freedom that everything would work out if she maintained her faith, 
Karen returned to her regular routine of taking care of the kids, working, writing 
and attending church.  

With around the clock care from family and friends, and God's continued watchful 
eye, Karen is expected to make a speedy recovery.  While Karen is at home recuperating, 
I know she would love to hear from her Poets Niche family. Please understand, however, 
if she is unable to respond right away.  Remember to keep Karen in your prayers, and 
feel free to seen your love and support to her at ( 


2)  YOU CAN INTERVIEW MONI - I thought I would turn the tables on myself and 
let you guys interview ME!  Email your questions (TWO or THREE PER MEMBER), 
and I'll compile all the questions into an INTERVIEW SESSION WITH MONI.  
Here are my sample of responses:

"When I was five..."
"Chocolate chip cookies..."
"Cuz I said so..." 
"It wasn't my fault, but they are still blaming me for..."
"Not applicable." 
"The medication only works if I take it..."
"Yes, I've been known to..."


3)  SPECIAL EASTER INTERVIEW - I had a chance to chat with Minister Demeterius 
Smith a/k/a Flite.  Okay, okay, the HALF-TRUTH!  Although he agreed to be 
interviewed in early March, my brain (alright y'all, be nice, I still have a 
few brain cells), didn't think of the questions until a few days ago.  
(TRUTH - More like send him the questions last night and pray that he 
would drop everything to answer them like NOW!!)  Naturally, being the 
gentleman that he is, he did.  I know you will enjoy this very insightful
and honest interview. 

moni:  Demeterius, how did you get the nickname Flite, and does it say 
something about your personality and the type of "character" you are?

flite:  FLITE is an acronym. The meaning of it was given to me directly 
from God.  It has everything to do with who I am, but I can't share the 
meaning. (SORRY) Don't feel bad, my mom doesn't even know what it stands 

moni:  As they say down south, where were born and raised?

flite:  Dorchester, SC a/k/a Dodge City is were I was born and raised. 
(Literally) I was born in a car in my yard.  God has been providing 
miracles for me from day one.  It's "A small town with a big heart."

moni:  Didya mama &dem (translation: did your mother and father) have 
a lot to do you with spirituality?  OR as the old folks would say: Did 
dey raise ya up in da church and what's yo church affiliation? 
(translation: What's your religion and what congregation do you belong 

flite:  Ya, me mama &dem did have an affect on me spiritually.  My mother 
went to a Baptist Church and my father to a Methodist Church.  I was brought 
up in the church, but I was given the freedom to see just what the world
had to offer.  I think this was the best thing that happened to me because 
I was able to come to the conclusion for myself that the church is where I 
wanted to be.  At times, running the streets was cool but it couldn't fill 
that empty spot in my life.  I'm a Christian and I belong to the body of 
Christ.  I say that because I feel people have become to hung up on 
denominations.  I joined St. Matthew's Baptist Church in Reeseville, SC, 
but I belong to Jesus Christ.  I stressed that because when God returns 
for His church He is not coming back for "St. Matthew's" or for "the Baptists" 
or "the so and so."  God is coming back for His church which will consist
of faithful believers regardless of denomination.

moni:  Most of your poems speak about your personal relationship with God.
Was there an event or specific circumstance in your life which drew you 
closer to God?

flite:  There have been many EVENTS -- way too many to name -- but all 
equally important.  Maybe that could be a new segment for moni's top 10.  
Receiving the gift of salvation, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, 
and being called into the ministry are some major events that drew me 
closer to God.  God has also performed some straight up parting of the 
Red Sea, and rescuing me from the Lion's Den type of miracles in my life.
He is so AWESOME.  For example, one day I was at the beach on this little 
raft just chilling.  Oh yeah, I can't swim.  Anyway, I was in a daze and 
ended up going out passed those little bars you are not supposed to pass.  
God gave me the ability to swim back towards the shore.  My brother, who 
can't swim either, was also given the ability to swim.  He and another 
guy swam out towards me and helped me get back on shore.  I never swam 
before that day and I haven't since.  Hallelujah!  One night last summer, 
I read a Bible verse from Luke 21:19 which says, "In your patience you
posses your soul."  I wondered what it meant but I just kind of left the 
question in the back of my mind and then I forgot about it.  A few nights 
later, I was driving home and I had a really bad headache.  Something was
just urging me to hurry up and get home so I could take care of this 
headache.  I looked out and there were no lights anywhere except the one's 
coming from my mother's car, which I was driving.  As I was approaching a 
stoplight, the green light turned yellow.  I was still being urged to HURRY 
UP.  So I picked up my foot with every intention of passing the gas, but as 
my foot was in midair the words "In your patience, you posses your soul" 
scrolled before my eyes.  I'm speaking LITERALLY!  The actual words were 
rolling before my eyes in midair.  At the same time, a voice was speaking 
THOSE WORDS from that scripture.  I really can't describe how wonderful 
He is.  This may sound crazy to some but Jesus is really the King of Kings 
and ALL POWERFUL.  When all of this happened, I hit the brakes instead of
the gas.  The second my foot hit the gas, there were car lights coming from 
the side road.  A car came roaring off the side road AND IT FLEW RIGHT BY 
IN FRONT OF ME!  If it wasn't for Divine intervention, I would not be here, 
and that car would have flattened me.

moni:  Two of my favorite poems are "When Least Expected" (Poems of the 
Week 7), and "It Only Takes One Sip," are powerful messages about one's 
fate due to circumstances.  Excerpts from "It Only Takes One Sip,"...When 
I was thirteen I asked myself what would happen if I took one sip, Now at 
seventeen, I am dead, Look where one sip has led."  Were these written as
a result of personal experiences or your belief that your words could 
possibly change someone's life?

flite:  Both were first inspired by God.  With "It takes...," I had to 
write something for some kids in a drug prevention program, The Dochester 
County "Teen Leadership Connection". I just looked at the situations a 
lot of people and friends had gotten into and I began to write from the 
heart. I wanted the kids to know that they were not alone with all the 
things they were experiencing.  "When Least Expected," reminds us that 
no man knows the day or hour God shall return, and how it is important 
to be ready at all times.  Also, it's been proven by God that words change 
things, so I do believe that the words that God sends through me can change 

moni:  I noticed at the bottom of your poems you sign off with "Blood 
Stained Ministries."  Are you an ordained minister, and what's the goal 
of Blood Stained Ministries?

flite:  Yes, I was ordained by God before I was born.  As far as man's 
traditions, I have been licensed and my "official" ordination service 
will be sometime this summer. "Blood Stained Ministries" is to show how 
important it is to be covered by the blood of Jesus.  When God told Moses 
to put the blood of animals over the door when the angel of death was 
descending upon Egypt, it was because the angel would see the blood and 
know that the house was protected.  Being under the blood of Jesus is the
same way.  When spirits and other forces come upon me, they see the blood 
of Jesus and know that I belong to the Lamb of God.

moni:  Do you use your poetry as a part of your ministry?

flite:  My poetry is definitely a part of my ministry.  My poetry reflects 
my life and my ministry must be lived as well as preached and written.

moni:  Most folks don't know this, but you are the President of Clemson 
University Gospel Choir.  Have you used any of your poems as songs for 
the choir to sing?  (Here's a little something I just thought of as a 
title for a song for the choir -- "No more burdens weighing me down, 
cause my Father picked me up off the ground."  

flite:   I have some songs but we haven't performed them yet.  I also rap. 
Our director wrote an original song and I wrote a rap to do in the middle 
of the song.  I like that title "Keep Your Eyes Open," and God has just 
blessed us to record a CD.  It is beautiful.  If anyone wants a copy of 
"Our Purpose" please let me know.  HALLELUJAH. All praises to Him.

moni:  Yesterday, April 4th, was Easter Sunday.  What's your definition 
of Easter, and what does it mean to you?  

flite:  This is really hard to answer without really extending this 
interview.  So I'm going to ask you for a special favor.  Please!  
(You will).  Okay, thank you.  Please let me write my response to this 
in my own special way and let me send this to you as something separate 
to be mailed out to the Niche.  For right now though, to give you a short, 
yet very meaningful answer, I will put down the chorus to a song I heard:

 Living He loved me
 Dying He saved me
 Buried He carried my sins far away
 RISING He justified, freed me forever
 And I know one day He's coming back again

moni:  Flite, you are a longtime member of the Poets Niche.  What connections 
have you made with other members?  

flite:  Well, I guess my most important connection has been you.  I LOVE YOU 
MONI!! Seriously, I REALLY DO!!  And, Walt's inspirations are off the hook.  
The other connections are wonderful, yet too many to name.  Just to see 
how your work affects someone, or how the work of others has affected me
and the bonds that have been formed is amazing.  Then the Niche brought 
me and Trend together as closer friends when we formed the Truth Commission.  
Don't worry the Truth Commission will be dropping something again soon. Oh, 
the connections.  Okay, I will stop now before I cry.

moni:  Are you spreading the word about us, and what are you telling folks 
to get them interested in checking us out?  (This is where you mentioned 
something about writing to Oprah and nominating moni as an angel.  Just 
teasing!!  moni ain't no angel, just a living doll!)

flite:  Yes, my living doll, I am spreading the word.  I'm putting people
in touch with what's going on.  And, Trend is my claim to fame.  That's 
right -- I put Ms. VeraCity herself onto the Niche.

moni:  Finally, have you noticed an increase in emails being forwarded 
practically everyday (not just among our members, but from various other 
sources) regarding people's faith in God and/or their search for everlasting 
happiness?  What do you attribute this "internet revival" explosion to, 
and do you believe the internet is the new wave of the future for Christian-
minded people to share their love for God with others all over the country?  

flite:  Let me answer the last question first.  It is definitely a way to 
share the love of God, but it is also a way for Satan to spread his lies.  
Be careful!  Don't just accept every "Christian" message at face value.  
As far as the first question goes: Yes, I have noticed.  I think people 
are finally realizing that something wicked is coming this way and they 
want to know how to escape it.  That's one reason.  Another reason I 
think is that something is missing from people's lives and they don't 
know what, but that they are recognizing when they come in contact about 
stuff that deals with God.  God can fill all voids and make every life 
meaningful and enjoyable.  Today's quote:  "If true love was a tear drop, 
than an ocean would not even begin to describe the love that God has for 
each of us." -FLITE

Demeterius, THAT WAS POWERFUL and I LOVE YOU TOO!! If you would like a 
copy of his CD or find out more about Demeterius' ministry, please feel 
free to email him at (


4)   POETRY READING - If you are in the New Orleans area,  Poets Niche 
member, Tina Marie Clark, is hosting her first poetry reading on April 
10th.  For details, please email Tina at (  


5)  COMMENTS FROM THE PEANUT GALLERY- I must admit, I thought my peanuts 
were going to be roasted when my poem "Ease" was put to the test and 
critiqued last week.  Thank you for being so kind and sharing your 
comments with me.  Just so you know, "Ease" was written as a result of 
four different conversations with my girlfriends about men (their men).
There is only one line in the poem, however, which relates to me personally 
-- but I'm not telling!  

Don't forgot to visit our website at ( to review and
critique this week's poem "Senses" by poet Shawn Goins.  Just a little 
trivia -- Shawn was the first member to be interviewed by moni!  

Thank bams for doing an excellent job with the Peanut Gallery and Middle 
of the Week Critiques.  


6)  HAVE A PIECE OF BIRTHDAY CAKE ON US - If you were born this month, 
you were born under the zodiac sign of ARIES THE RAM.  WISHING YOU THE 


7)  WORKSHOP INFORMATION - The Mississippi Arts Commission is hosting 
its The Deep South Literature Consortium on April 8-10, in Jackson, 
Mississippi.  The panel will discuss issues on how to increase literacy 
through the use of literature.  For more information, call the Mississippi 
Arts Commission at (601) 359-6030 or email them at (  


8)  Frank Johnson, a former leader of minority recruiting and retention 
at Pricewaterhouse Coopers, has formed Diversity Search Partners LLC, a 
career management and executive search firm.  DSP is focused on identifying, 
attracting, and developing minority professionals in the Management Consulting 
fields.  DSP is producing a monthly electronic newsletter, "Advancing Minority 
Professionals" (AMPRO).  This newsletter is the only electronic business and 
career resource targeting minorities in the professional services industry.  
The newsletters will contain expert columns, industry profiles and analysis, 
employer profiles, profiles of minority leaders, as well as practical career 
guidance and resources.  Their inaugural issue included the following features:

a)  Diversity Perspectives: Results of a Q&A session that Frank conducted with 
Allen Boston (Firmwide Leader of Diversity at Ernst &Young) and Beth 
McCarty, Leader of Diversity for Ernst &Young's Consulting Services 

b)  Industry &Employer Profile: An Op-Ed piece written by Richard Gay, 
Principal, Booz, Allen &Hamilton and an Employer Profile on BA&H; and 

c)  Best &Brightest - An Op-Ed piece on PwC's Stephanie Manuel Bailey, 
the first African American woman admitted to the Partnership at 

Please feel free to visit DSP's website (


9)  POEMS OF THE WEEK - Our featured poets for Poems of the Week 32 are: 

TEARY-EYED by Eddie Presley Herrera -
I FEEL LIKE POOP by Chuck Reimer -
CALL ME by Kelvin -
HALF ON A MAYBE by Reyhan Wilkinson -
LOSS OF INNOCENCE by Dorothy Benner -

These poets have done an EXCELLENT JOB sharing with us some very personal
issues.  Check out these poems at ( and read for 


10)  I hope everyone had a Happy Easter!  Below is moni's poem of the week.

much love



Where do I go from here?  What purpose does my being serve?  
What rewards do I deserve?  What lessons do you want me to 
learn, my eyes to see, my heart to feel or my ears to hear?  
What do you want from me?

I was a child seeking favors and forgiveness. But, I am no 
longer innocent, because I have been here too long to know
better.  I am the only one to blame for such shame.

Have pity on my battered, tortured and weary soul.  Cleanse 
my thoughts of revenge, selfishness and greed.  Restore me 
to my birth, and resurrect my faith in the unknown truth.

Block my path so I can stop running from you.  I seek shelter 
in your welcoming arms. I want to share in the wealth of your 

Though I have not seen you, I know you are camped out in the 
heavens, steering where I go from here.

Monica Blache (c) 


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