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Issue #37 - moni's top 10 E-ZINE (minus 2)
(The Poets Niche Official Weekly Newsletter)
Tuesday, June 22, 1999


		                   5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 
	    	          !!! HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY !!!


This week's issue

- A QUOTE from Nelson Mandela
- moni's Poem of the Week


1)  "...There is nothing enlightened about shrinking, so that other
people won't feel insecure around you.  We are born to manifest the Glory
of God that is within us.  It is not just in some of us; it is everyone. 
And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people
permission to do the same.  As we are liberated from our own fear, our
presence automatically liberates others."

		      (Nelson Mandela - 1994 Inauguration Speech)


2)  HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY by moni - The Poets Niche was created to
quench the needs of aspiring poets searching for a place to share ideas
with their fellow poets.  Our quick rise to popularity was a result of
using the internet to spread the news that such a place existed. 
Recognizing the possibility that something unique could happen, we
sprinkled hope, cultivated minds, inspired souls, and the vortex effect
pulled poets in from all over the world.

Just from June 1998 to January 1999 alone, we received over 300-plus
poems from poets eager to share their God-given talents with the world.
Because of this enormous outpouring of love and infectious spirit from
our members, we have published our first anthology, COME INTO OUR WHIRL. 
COME INTO OUR WHIRL is a mosaic of gifted poets and a tapestry of souls,
all united to articulate a common thread -- love of poetry and power of
the written word.  Writing poetry allows us to question our existence,
explore options, resolve conflicts and express the human conditions we
all face in search of satisfaction and love.  Words have the ability to
change minds, the power to console, express love, anger and despair,
resurrect lost souls, and free one from their burdens.  And, depending on
how words are precisely arranged on the poet's canvas of plain white
paper, words have the power to "move mountains".

Maneuvering through the minefields of the literary world can be tricky. 
Today's poets face a myriad of obstacles because poetry is not considered
a marketable commodity.  But, I guess they forgot to tell that to the
great or up and coming poets such as Walt Whitman, Robert Frost, Carl
Sandburg, John Ashberry, Paul Laurence Dunbar, Langston Hughes, Maya
Angelou, Gwendolyn Brooks, Rita Dove, Nikki Giovanni, Toni Blackman,
Sonia Sanchez, or Kwame Alexander.

What to expect in the Year 2000? The members of the Poets Niche intend to
dispel the myth regarding our worth as poets.  In the Year 2000, and
future years to come, our focus is to promote the work of aspiring poets
and publish more books of poetry.

Walt's Friday Inspirations was the source which created the swirl,
pulling thousands of hearts in which created this nationwide movement
called the Poets Niche.  We are now compelled to continue inspiring
others to be the best that they can be, motivating souls to reach for the
stars, and teaching mankind that happiness, wealth and love is an
entitlement, and is inscribed on everyone's birth certificate.  We
welcome you to stick around because our journey has just begun......


ago, I "begged" Shaun to ask a few members to write a GROUP POEM for our
ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!  He said it was quite easy.  "I emailed the poets,
requested their assistance and waited for their responses.  I gave them
the first stanza, and these outstanding poets rose to the occasion.  I
was ecstatic at what they said, how they said it and how well it flowed
together."  These poets deserve ALL the PRAISE, and I invite everyone to
read why.

            THIS BEAUTY

Tangled thoughts, convoluted images of mime
Unctuous homilies, rhapsodic rhyme,
Kaleidoscope of emotions of the simple muse,
Parsimonimity of reflection we refuse.
(Written by Shaun Cecil -

Giving light to what is dark	
Sometimes igniting an awesome spark
Pushing our feelings over the edge
With startling images streaking through our heads,
(Written by Kelvin Lee -

Descriptive narrative, palpable and worn
Emotional conduit, mercurial and strong
Commonality that cleanses like the rain
The timbered resonance of melodic memories
(Written by Nicole McLean -

Provocative words, celebrating its conception in our soul
Harmonic notes, murmuring cries and joys once untold	
Unyielding dialogue of instruments, roaring inside like a symphony
Compelling us to give birth to this tangible, but mystical melody.
(Written by Renee Davis -

Words flowing from the heart and soul		
A dance of expressions and feeling
A tapestry that is woven to make us whole
Words that bring about healing.
(Written by Jill Montgomery -

Beautiful "word pictures" for all to see...			
A delicate art for you and me.
Be it fantasy, or be it reality...
This is the work called "poetry."
(Written by Pat Thomas -

Rarely am I speechless, so I'll just say, "TALK ABOUT TEAMWORK!  THANK
YOU!  THIS IS THE AWESOME!!!"  Please feel free to email your love
directly to Shaun, Kelvin, Nicole, Renee, Jill and Pat.


ANNIVERSARY/BIRTHDAY, I asked a few members if they wanted to say
something special about the Poets Niche.  I must admit that I cried
(perhaps it was a "gurl thang" or I had something in my eye(s) *tears*)
after reading many of these heartfelt comments.  These loving words
continue to validate my belief that NOTHING IN LIFE IS COINCIDENTAL OR

FROM WALT - "Rather than give a long-winded speech....Rather than move
you to tears with a heartfelt reverie and recap of the life-changing
power we've harnessed as members of the Poets Niche...Rather than shake
you to the core of your being and re-ignite a passion for the power of
words and their lingering effect on humanity....Rather than take up your
valuable time being philosophic and/or poetic on the far-reaching impact
we shall have on life in the new millennium, I'll let my introduction in
our forthcoming anthology say it for me!  That's right, ladies and
gentlemen!  After just one year in existence, we are about to publish the
first-ever, intra-group funded, poetry anthology of cyber poets!......and
the world will never be the same again...Countdown: T minus 6 weeks and

On the occasion of our one year anniversary
from Poets Niche founder, Walt Goodridge

FROM MOCHA - I'm not a Prophet...but I predict that there will be many
more birthday's for the Poets Niche long after I'm gone.  The talent that
has assembled via the internet was truly meant to be.  I feel extremely
fortunate to have interacted with Walt and several of the PNichers,
especially sister moni -- my dear friend and confidant. God sends angels
in many forms, and what a blessing to have found one to call my own. 
Although my "flava" will NEVER change, the Poets Niche has made me a more
dedicated and compassionate writer. I can't wait to share my future
writing accolades with my Cyber-Family.  Happy Birthday Poets Niche...

FROM bams - I've been writing poetry off and on for years, but more than
anything, the Poets Niche has helped me to Focus on my creative groove. 
I enjoy reading other poets and catching *their* groove almost as much as
I enjoy writing myself (I'd name Names, but I'd leave someone out,
so...y'all know who ya are).  Like many of my nichemates, I'm grateful to
have found Walt and moni, and I marvel at all the work they put into
keeping the Niche going.  I'm glad to know that this Mic is most def 

FROM PADMORE - When I joined Poets Niche I realized it was a dream
fulfilled. Writing poetry or any creative art, is an innovative and
thematically organized composition which allows the individual to search
the 'soul' and fulfill the 'self'.  But, there is the need to move beyond
the private reflection and make a public statement in order to perform
the active role of affecting our changing community with issues of public
concern.  This is where Poets Niche comes in.  For me, the Poets Niche
has become a geographical point of creative interaction.  Where the
kernels of our individual creative talents are fed and nourished to
sprout and grow through appreciation and encouraging words received from
members of the Poets Niche.  I have abundantly enjoyed this for the past
year.  On this occasion of our first anniversary, it is my hope that we
will engage in annual conferences, which could rotate from state to
state, establish a house journal or magazine which will add new
dimensions to our website, and aim at building a solidarity which will
withstand turbulent currents to become Writer's School of Reference in
world literature. 

FROM SULI - A friend gave me a tip about the Poets Niche when I was
engulfed in a passionate need to express myself through words.  My
feelings were exploding and the words dropped sweetly like rain on the
parched land of my mind.  The majority of my work was erotic and I wanted
the world to know my name, to hear my story, to watch me through my
words.  I found some other writings, created a few new ones, and
submitted my poems to the Poets Niche.  It felt good to have a new home. 
As I read other writers' work, my heart and mind are moved in many
different ways.  Sometimes I will ponder a line for a space of time
because it resonates within me.  Many times I am left speechless.  I am
very happy that I found this place online and I like to imagine what the
authors look like in my mind.  I can hear your voices as I read your work
and I know you all are just beautiful.  Thank you for asking me to
contribute and thank you for being there.

FROM DEMETERIUS - The Poets Niche is a unique and special group.  The
poet is one who God has blessed with the ability to move mountains, make
someone laugh, or just summarize a day or event for themselves.  For a
group of these people to be able to come together with love, support, and
constructive criticism while leaving the egos elsewhere, is quite an
accomplishment.  We vary in age, gender, experiences, and beliefs, but
more importantly, we are one and the same because we are People of
Extreme Talents Sharing, Not Individuals Carrying Heavy Egos.


FROM CHRIS - The Poets Niche is an enchanted stop along the information
highway.  It gives those of us with a creative voice, who have been
writing on the "side streets" of fame, an opportunity to merge onto the
expressway of notoriety.  Though sometimes we are held back by self
doubt, the Poets Niche gives you that boost of confidence to put yourself
out there to accept both praise and criticism as a tool to better

FROM LENORA - A whole side of me that had been lying dormant for many
years was once again awakened by my introduction to the Poets Niche.  I
have thoroughly enjoyed reading the thoughts of so many talented/blessed
people. Two things that really stand out for me over this past year are
the meeting of new friends and the enormous amount of men who write. 
It's been a joy to read so many different thoughts.  There have been
numerous times when God sent me exactly what I needed, in the form of a
poem from one of my fellow Nichers.  I will be eternally grateful for
that, and look forward to it continuing.  Also, it has been nice to read
exactly what I have been feeling, but have not been able to put into
words.  Who says we aren't connected in some way??? Now, as far as the
brothers are concerned, my heart has truly been enlightened and my life
enriched because I have seen these men bare their souls (no small feat
for anyone) in print.  I am so glad to see the 'other' side of my
brothers (kind, sensitive, soul-searching, DEEP, loving, you know, those
qualities that are always attributed to women!!) To the men of the Niche,
keep on keeping on.  You give me hope and love. You let me know that you
are out there, living, loving, and learning.  May God continue to bless
all the members of this family.  I feel very privileged to be a member of
this special family.  Thanks Walt and moni for your tireless hours of
devotion and dedication.  

FROM DAWN - Happy Anniversary Poets!  When I first found the Poets Niche,
I was still hesitant about sharing my "words".  But y'all made it easy to
share, and even though I haven't been writing too much lately, I read
what's being put out by the group.  I just want to say thanks for those
poems that came at a time when a sister was down...David (Jah,
Rastafari), you know you put a smile on my face many times.  Ms. bams,
you just seem to be in my head sometimes.  From such small beginnings,
look how far we've come!

FROM KATHERINE - The Poets Niche has not only surrounded me with very
talented writers, but exposed me to various styles and colorful verse
that inspire and provoke thought.  Thanks for being my vehicle for my
creative expression.

FROM ROSE - Some time back, I received Walt's Friday Inspiration from a
friend.  It was forwarded to me because they thought it was something I
would enjoy.  I was overwhelmed because the inspiration addressed an
exact problem I was having that day.  I emailed Walt and he told me about
the Poets Niche website.  And, as they say, "The rest is history." 
Through the Poets Niche, I have met friends, (moni, David, John).  And
what would the Niche be without my lil sis, 'Baby Rose'/bams, Shenita,
and Pamela, who have sent me encouraging words when I was down?  I'm
especially touched that we can come together to pray for other members
who may be facing difficult times.  I love you guys!

FROM AJANI - The Poets Niche came at just the right moment in my life.  I
was searching for a way to challenge myself and my growth.  I have always
been a writer-at-heart.  I've put pen to paper to save my life, save my
thoughts and, often, to save my sanity.  I always did so without the
benefit of having others share in my work.  Within the home of the Poets
Niche, I found people who, not only read my work, but share their
thoughts and feelings with me, as well.  I had the bar raised on my level
of creativity and was able to take part in some fantastic poetic
alliances.  Not to mention meeting wonderful people like moni and bams. 

FROM SHENITA - Have you ever gone somewhere and once you got there, you
felt right at home?  Well, that's what the Poets Niche means to me.  It
means a place to come home to.  A place to dialogue with like-minded
folks -- people who care about you and are willing to freely share.  And,
moni...what can I say about her?  She is the sweetest, most congenial,
genuine caring person that I know.  She WANTS you to succeed, WANTS you
to express yourself, WANTS to find opportunities for you to grow.  moni,
Walt and the Poets Niche are true expressions of God in action.

FROM NADEEN - The Poets Niche has made me realize that words, when
partnered with the uniqueness of the human spirit, have the power to re
create, re-define, and re-possess a society of souls that are in NEED of
what WE have to offer.  Thanks to every single person for an
extraordinary and awakening year -- now let's continue!!


TRADITION" BROTHA!  I bet you were wondering what was taking me so long
to finally interview you.  Well the half-truth is, I had planned to
interview you earlier but I couldn't think of any juicy questions to ask. 
However, I knew I was saving you for something special.  And, let it
never be said that I don't always have something up my sleeve.  (The
other half of the truth -- I wanted to keep David ALL TO MYSELF for as
long as I could, but I was compelled (God made me do it!) to share him
with all of you).  THIS WAS *TRUE/LY* A TREAT FOR ME!

moni:  You were born and raised in St. Croix.  Tell us a little something
about growing up in the Virgin Islands, when did you move to the States,
and what do you miss about home?

David:  I believe growing up in St. Croix was basically like growing up
anywhere else.  We did the things that little boys did, the things that
teenage boys did, get into mischief *laughs*.  But most of all we made
the best of all that we had.  I am 33 years in NUMBER, so I grew up when
times were simpler.  St. Croix is a laid back place.  Everyone gets
things done, but there is no hustling about.  We just go with the flow
and get things done, no what I mean?  That's how growing up was, simple,
laid back, flowing.

I moved to the states (Maryland) in the spring of 1985, and I've been
living here ever since.  I must admit, I wasn't planning to be here that
long.  But then again, I had no idea that I would start writing poetry
either.  I was an artist, and I drew things.  But as I was saying, my
plan was to return home a couple years after finishing college.  It's
obvious, things didn't quite work out the way I planned.  What I miss
most about home is the weather, the beaches (for its rejuvenating
purposes), and just the laid backness.

moni:  Who, why and how did Ancient Tradition become your pen name?

David:  Ancient Tradition was originally the name of one of my poems.  It
became my Dread name (pen name as you call it) when I joined a chat
community on the internet.  I was having a hard time finding a handle
that wasn't taken.  I was getting frustrated and was about to give up --
I thank GOD that I didn't for many reasons.  Well, I decided to use the
title of one of my poems, "Ancient Tradition" was the chosen one. 
Ancient Tradition has since grown into something more than just a chat
handle.  For example: at the end of my submissions it reads, "Know Your
Culture, Know Your Roots, Know Your Ancient Tradition."  I believe it
will continue to grow into more than its original purpose.  Also, it's
going to be the name of my first published book: "ANCIENT TRADITION Of
The Peace Pipe."

moni:  How did you discover the Poets Niche, and what was your initial
thoughts about the existence of such a group on the internet?

David:  Well, let's just sayyyy, the Poets Niche found me.  I don't now
who, but someone sent me an email. I checked out the website and decided
to join.  My initial thoughts????  First, this was a chance for me to
spread JAH's Message in such a massive arena as the internet.  Secondly,
it was a chance for me to grow.

moni:  David, you may not know this, but you are very close to reaching
the 90+ mark with your submissions to the Poets Niche.  Between your busy
work schedule (oh yeah, do you want to tell folks your occupation), do
you find it difficult to find time to write?  And besides writing, what
else do you do just for fun and relaxation?

David:  I am a computer person *laugh* and I work at one of the NASA
bases.  I work on the Hubble Space Telescope Project.  Now, how do I find
time?  Let's put it this way -- Writing is what I do.  I find time for my
work, I find time for my occupation. *hahaha*  I am also a martial artist
(Wu-Shu).  I don't know if I would term this fun, though I used to
compete in tournaments.  But my first and most important reason for
training in the martial arts is for self-defense.  To protect my family
and those that are around me.  For relaxation I listen to traditional
reggae music, jazz, slow jams. *whispering*  And, I like to take soothing
baths in the dark, not even candle lights.

moni:  At the bottom of your poems you sign off with "Lasana"
Productions.  Who or what is "Lasana" Productions?

David:  I am LASANA Productions.  Lasana is an Afrikan name which means
"Poet Of A People".  In my world, LASANA Productions is one of my
production companies.  I recently created another production company,
Island Breeze Productions, for my collaborations with other poets.  I am
also founder and CEO of Conquering Lion Enterprises.  That's a business
that I started when I was in college.  I guess you want to know why,
huh???  Simple, it's my world. *Laughs*

moni:  Early on, I was drawn to your poetry because it tapped into
feelings and repressed memories which were dormant inside me.  More
specifically,  your poems "Still Waters" and "One Moment".  Is it your
intent to take the reader on a journey so they can experience what you
feel as you write a poem, or do you simply write poetry to express your
personal opinions and/or feelings?

David:  That's interesting because "Still Waters" was written about 12
years ago, and it seems it's still relevant today, as it was back then. 
I guess that adds some validity to my statement, "Each Poem Written, Is
Always Written For Someone Somewhere".  I guess I should also add, "At
Some Point In Time"??? 

You know, I always say this, but I Truely mean it.  My foremost intent is
to share what JAH inspires in me.  But I also want my poems to be a place
where my people can take refuge.  My poems are versatile.  If a woman is
feeling sensuous or a man is feeling amorous, I have a poem for them.  If
someone just wants to Light Up A Spliff and just sit back and meditate, I
have a poem for them.  If you're feeling romantic, rebellious, "Too Black
Too Strong" or "Can No Longer Hold Your Peace"; proud of your race, proud
of your heritage, want to pay "Tribute To The Black Martyrs", or just
want to Give Thanks &Praise to THE MOST HIGH, JAH RASTAFARI!!, then I
have a poem for you.  This is my intent.  Tell me Monica Blache, what do
you want me to write for you?  I will do a verse for you write now,

                "You are like magic in the air,
                 Like the Distant Drums
                 That beats across the sea,
                 Coming from The Motherland.
                 I hear the rhythm of your heartbeat
                 Calling me home,
                 Calling me home to dance."

moni:  Below are excerpts from a few of your poems which best describe
(what I think) is your subtle use of phrasing which delivers messages of
your  heritage, relationships, spirituality, and frailty with a touch of
defiance.  I guess my question is, how did you develop your unique
writing style?


I extend My right hand to You My Brother
Not only in greetings, but also to pull You
From the Valley of Dry Bones.  So, take a
Firm grip!



It is the greatest Power given by JAH.
From this Power came creation, came Man.
In the beginning it was the voice of JAH.
It shaped the world, divided the earth,
Divided the sky, grew the trees, blew the
Wind, made the animals, made Man.



Will You Be My Island Breeze
Calm And Soothing To My Soul
Easing Across My Mind
Taking Your Own Sweet Time

Can You Clear Away
The Dark Gray Clouds
And Bring Blue Skies And Sunshine
Into My Life



The Love That We Share
Comes Along Only Once In A Lifetime
It's Not Everyday
That A Man Truly Finds His Soul Mate
The Woman That He Commits
His Love And Life To

David:  I think all or the majority of my poems are straightforward. 
"Let's Get Married", ain't nothing subtle about that.  "We Can No Longer
Hold Our Peace", that's straight up radical.  The subtlety in my poems
lie in my spelling of certain words, my grammatical incorrectness.  I
spell Afrika with a "k", I spell Truely with an "e", I don't capitalize
certain words to show my defiance and I capitalize certain words to show
their importance, and certain words I put in all caps.  Because I am a
Rasta, I believe in life, so I "Livicate" poems in honor of people, not
"dedicate".  I wish them to "Live", not to be "dead".   This is the
Incept which The Rasta refers to as Word Sound Power.  This is the
subtlety in my poems, moni.  My poems are not words conjectured from my
imagination, they are consciously chosen.  Therefore, very seldom does
the reader have to guess what I am bringing forth.

Earlier you mentioned that I was reaching close to 90+ submissions.  Most
of those were written over a 15 year period.  I would say that I have
written about 20 pieces since I've joined the Poets Niche.  I don't know
how much I have written over the past 15 years, but it's not a lot.  In
the past, there were years when I didn't write anything at all.  I can
recall several years ago, someone asking me if I ever worry about
writer's block.  I said to him, "No, if I never write another poem, that
just means that I have said all that I had to say."  He looked at me
strangely, and I looked at myself strangely too.  As far as how did I
develop my unique style, let's put it this way, "While my companions
slept, I was toiling through the night."  *laugh*...Have I given you any
straight answers yet moni??? *big laughs*

moni:  Several of your poems -- "Righteous Intentions", "High Tide Low
Tide", "Cornerstone," and "Diamond" -- were either dedicated to or
written for Lisa.  Who's Lisa, and what is there about her that inspires
you to write poems about or for her?

David:  Who is Lisa?  That's an easy one.  Lisa is the Lady in my Life. 
She has made me to know what it is like to Truely Love someone.  Out of
all of the things that I do in my life, my poetry and my love represents
the best of me.  I am just giving Lisa the best of me, my love and my

moni:  You are the ONLY member who has collaborated with THREE (YES,
COUNT THEM, THREE) members of the Poets Niche, Rose Ford ("You Are My
Lullaby"), Carmelita Burgos ("Midnight Storm"), and Rose "bams" Cooper
("duet groove" and "Vibing with the Sun Rise").  Whose idea was it for
you to vibe and get your groove on with these sisters, while singing
lullabies through a midnight storm until the morning sun...rise?  And,
are you working on any collaborations at the moment?

David:  Some were mine and some were my collaborators.  Yes.  Of course
with my partner in "justice" not in crime, bams.  I am working on one
with Tasha Tavaras a/k/a "Love Eternal".  I have also done one with
Tamshi Williams, and I have plans to do one with Reggie Byrd, and Trend
Tresdale.  (I haven't forgotten about you Trend).  I am also trying
something new.  I am producing a piece for Nicole McLean and producing
one with Rose Ford.  I would also like to do one with moni. *smile*. 
(Phat chance now pal, since it's obvious that while I was keeping our
relationship a secret, you were on the internet "collaborating"!)

moni:  Okay, my final question(s)!  Many of your poems are written using
Rasta/Caribbean dialect.  In celebration of the One Year Anniversary. .
.in your native tongue, tell us how you feel about being a member of the
Poets Niche, what you've learned from other members, the friendships
you've made. . .you know, stuff like that?  

David:  "Evry ting Irie Mon"  *hahahaha* And moni, she is Truely one of
my Soul Mates!

moni:  David, are there any last words you would like to share with us?

David:  Yeeessss moni!  "Know Your Culture, Know Your Roots, Know Your

THANKS David for MY poem, as well as sharing your REAL WORLD with us.  If
anyone would like to get a glimpse of the man behind the message(s), and
find out a little more about David, check out these links to his pictures
and website.  There are TWO UNRELEASED POEMS on his website -- "Longing"
and "Forever Past Eternity"...(


6)  PRAYER REQUEST FROM SHENITA - Shenita has ask that we say a special
prayer for her cousin/mentor, Juanita Haynes.  Juanita is an incredible
woman!  She owns three beauty salons in two different states, has her own
line of make-up, runs her father's construction company, reupholsters
furniture, is a mother/ sister/daughter/grandmother/girlfriend to all,
and can out party me any day!  However, Juanita has been diagnosed with a
rare form of cancer.  The family is doing everything they can to keep her
spirits high while struggling to pay costly hospital bills.  Please email
Shenita at ( with your prayers so that she can
forward your love to Juanita.  


7)  POEMS OF THE WEEK CONTEST - The rule was to write a poem, or a series
of coherent sentences, using EACH LETTER OF THE ALPHABET ONLY ONE TIME IN
CONSECUTIVE ORDER, which meant ONLY 26 WORDS.  To make things more
interesting, TWO of the WORDS MUST include the POETS NICHE.  CONTEST
PRIZES are: 1st place: Upon publication, an autographed copy of COME INTO
OUR WHIRL; 2nd place: One year paid subscription of the Writer's Digest
Magazine; and 3rd place: To be a featured Poet of the Week (YOUR POEMS

     FIRST PLACE      :  ALPHABET UNLEASHED by Shaun Cecil 
     SECOND PLACE     :  the ABC of it by bams 
     THIRD PLACE      :  ATTITUDE ZAP by Sue Christiansen 
     Honorable mention:  MILLENIUM by Jill A. Montgomery 
     Honorable mention:  PINING HEART, AWAKEN! by Wilma Garnett 



     TRUE FATHERS by Tina Marie Clark 
     IT'S OK TO DIE by Roy Solomon

Checkout POEMS OF THE WEEK 43 at ( to read the

8)  Being a member of the Poets Niche has changed my life in so many
countless way, it's hard to even COUNT THE WAYS!  So I'll just say,

Below is moni's Poem of the Week.  Your comments inspire me to continue
writing.  Therefore, your honest feedback is greatly appreciated and
always welcomed.


p.s.  Jo Ann thanks for the HUG!


             [for my daddy]

My knight in shining armor does not wear garments 
sewn of velvet and silk, but jeans or a simple
business suit.

There is no chauffeured driven horse and carriage, 
but a four-door station wagon transporting him to 
his appointed rounds.

He has amassed no fortune, but works hard to 
provide for my every need.

He is strong yet gentle; fearless yet insecure.

His token of everlasting devotion was not a wedding 
band carved out of precious stones, but a decoder ring 
filled with intimate secrets shared exclusively by us.

There are no royal subjects under his sovereignty,
but adoring children he loves unselfishly.

I need not bow before him, but stand beside him, 
sharing the kingdom.

My knight in shining armor is my king, and I, his queen.

Monica Blache (c) 

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