Issue #40 - moni's top 10 E-ZINE
(The Poets Niche Official Weekly Newsletter)
Tuesday, July 20, 1999
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                           S - stop
                           U - undermining/UR
                           C - creative 
                           C - chances
                           E - eagerly
                           S - seeking 
                           S - satisfaction
                            moni (c) 1999


This week's issue:

- moni's Poem of the Week


1)  This passage is from "Acts of Faith" by Iyanla Vanzant

"Should we wear our most expensive outfits to a mud fight?  Why then do
we continue to place ourselves in jobs, situations and relationships that
ruin our peace, health and self-value?  Should we leave our most valuable
possession unguarded in a public location?  Why then do we place our
minds and bodies in the reach of those persons and situations with a
demonstrated history of abuse or neglect?  We are, to ourselves, the most
valuable possession we have.  Yet we waste our time, energy and sometimes
our lives in worthless situations among people who are unworthy.  We must
value our ideas, our energy, our time and our life to such an infinite
degree that we become unwilling to waste who we are.  If we put on our
best to go to a mud fight, we can expect to get dirty.  If we place our
head in the lion's mouth, we should expect to get eaten."


2)  A SPECIAL PRAYER REQUEST - On July 5th, Padmore's beloved sister
Annie, crossed over to the other side.  This loss has been a terrible
blow to Padmore and his family.  Your prayers are needed to help them
through these most difficult days.  Dearest Padmore, I pray that these
words will give you some comfort:

            "Perhaps they are not the stars, but rather openings 
            in Heaven where the love of our lost ones pours 
            through and shines down upon us to let us know 
            they are happy... A look at the stars, the touch of 
            a are wished whatever comforts you.  
            You are wished what brings peace to your heart."  
            (unknown author but inspired by an Eskimo Legend). 

Please feel free to send your prayers, love and comfort directly to
Padmore at (  



FROM NYRA - "I would like to send a SPECIAL THANK YOU out to the Poets
Niche for the response I received on my first submission.  I was so
overwhelmed by the acceptance that I sat at my computer and cried.  When
I told moni, her first response was to call me a wuss (I'm positive I
called her a "sissy crybaby")... she explained that I would grow closer
into the Niche as I continue to share my work...Once again, thank you so
much for the welcome home." (I don't know what y'all did to Nyra (who
happens to be a co-worker), but SISTAH GURL IS STILL CRYING LIKE THERE'S

FROM SHOVIAN - Thank you for the lovely welcome...A friend of mine who
raves about the Poets Niche (three cheers for your friend!!!), introduced
me and thought I would be interested.  Immediately, I have received some
poetry and letters of welcome...exciting...I am looking forward to a long
association with the Poets Niche and a wonderful membership.

So WHY are folks joining the Poets Niche?  IT'S ALL BECAUSE OF MEMBERS
couldn't help myself), is certainly not a member of the POETS NICHE!! 
I'm glad YOU GUYS are on my side, in my corner, but mostly, in MY HEART!


4)  I asked Shaun if he would do me YET another FAVOR! (I think I've used
up my 3 wishes; 6 pleas; 9 are you busy; and 12 no one else will do this
but you) -- a brief pause for a commercial break -- just in case you're
wondering why I have so many wishes, it's because every time the genie a
/k/a "Shaun" grants me a wish, I ask for 3 more wishes -- (now back to
your regularly scheduled top 10). I asked Shaun if he would write
something on the following topic:  "Why are women often considered THE M
/USE for many of the poems written by men; and a play on the word M/USE -
the "m" = "men", and "use" = the inference being that MEN/USE WOMEN

ANDDDD Shaun said, "I'll do my best...but love (that's me, monilove) I
have ONE request (which I dare not and could not refuse Shaunlove) --
that the piece must be called "FROM THE HIGH CHAIR".  After all, you have
the "Queen's Throne".  WITHOUT ANY FURTHER ADO, here's: 


         Woman!  Do you realize what you've done?
    In the mind of my logic, I am now lost, frustrated,
         Dreams, desires, and longing you've spun,
    Unthought you I hoped, but I am caught, infatuated.

Our earliest memories are of a woman.  Even later on, the greatest
memories we have relate to a woman, our first hug, our first kiss, our
first love, and our first physical experience. It has taken awhile, but I
soon realized that the very presence of women in this world is proof that
there is a God.  After all, the very fact of the mysteriousness of God is
evidence enough of the mysteriousness of women.  Any man who says he
understands a woman is fooling himself and trying to fool someone else
also.  A woman says, "I will" but she won't, she may say "No" and mean
"Yes," or yes and mean no!  Maybe is that one word that is by no means
even close to what man understands maybe to be.  Maybe is not a ray of
hope, but no way, not until Hell has frozen up, and no even if it does
freeze.  But even if you want to be further confused, she might mean this
time exactly what she how in the world are we supposed to

So here comes the poet -- why write poetry about God?  After all, the
Bible is there, and just ask, there is someone always willing to help you
understand what the good book says, but there is no acknowledged expert
in the theology of women.  Every man can use his love, his
disappointment, his hatred, his hurt, his expectations, and his anger to
explain a woman and none can call him crazy or tell him he's wrong.  It
is my *personal opinion* that a woman should be treated like the goddess
she is.  The Ancient Greeks had it right.  Hera was one gal that you
bowed to, honored and respected, if you wanted to remain whole.  Even the
scripture says that man should love his woman as Christ loved the Church
(my paraphrasing).  And I can assure you if you don't love your woman as
Christ loved the Church (be willing to die for her) then she will kill
you, emotionally, spiritually and in some cases physically. is 
my opinion*, it is good to be willing to die so that you may continue to
live.  A wise man once said, "Do you want to be happy living with a
woman, or be right?"  That my friends is the finest piece of advice ever

So, in conclusion, the m/use finds his passion in the futility of
attempting to know a woman as he knows himself, which makes for some
great poetry.  Pity women are so damn smart!

If you are conf/used by any of the opinions expressed or *used*, please
feel free to send your love and comments directly to Shaun at

Also, if anyone else would like to take a crack at this topic, please
email ME ONLY at (, and I'll feature your comments
in an upcoming moni's top 10!


5)  A POETIC WORD FROM MOCHA - In anticipation of our OFFLINE PARTY and
POETRY SLAM, I asked Mocha (who is scheduled to slam-dunk us with her
*homey don't play dat, don't mess with me boy less you bez on yo kneez
style of poetree*) if she would hit us over the head with a sample of
what we can expect from her on the MIC at the SharkBar in Atlanta.  Well,
hold onto your hats, SO MOCHA CAN PREACH!!! (adult language) - 


Against the Black canvas of the midnight sky,
the Moon ruled the Earth and her loyal celestial
subjects hung high.

With pen in hand I began to compose a spoken word symphony,
A Concerto for a King whose love might one day come to be.

The first movement a reflection on dialogue plateaus we reached,
I, the admiring pupil, as you exercise your will to teach from 
the novel entitled, "How the Chi town bandit met Georgia's 
favorite peach."

The second movement a lesson in making the cipher complete --
when it came to mental eroticism no fantasy was more seductive 
and freakier than me.

Remember when you sunk your teeth into the fruit of eternal bliss,
patiently awaiting the honor of Mocha's majestic kiss.

On the first bite your eternal cosmos took flight. We abducted stolen 
moments like a thief does in the night.
I heard the rhythm of my juices as they glided off your chin; the 
desire of a second bite is what brought you back again and again.

The third movement a divine call to righteousness led to the discovery 
of mutual Black consciousness.
Spiritually you were electric, All Good and I aspire to be where you are. 
You even ran cipher about the square and the five points on my Eastern Star.

The fourth movement crescendo, you know, like the speed of sound.  
I confided in you that I despise European females who tried to be down 
in hopes of seeking your affection, dismissing the fact that your pseudo
erection unequivocally belong to a Black Queen, and their desire for a 
Zulu warrior would simply remain a wet dream.

The final movement, a rising of the Phoenix from the flame.  I will 
only be submissive to a Man, not a boy who plays a childish fuck game.  
A Concerto for a King, whose love might one day come to be I'll sing
this song for you the day we both pledge scared monogamy.

Mocha, I'm scared of YOU!!!  Please feel free to send your comments and
or fan email directly to Mocha at (  See YA in



A THANK YOU NOTE FROM PAM BARNES - Just wanted to let everyone know that
I have re-surfaced and re-covered, just in time for the event next month! 
I thank you all for your get well wishes, your prayers, and words of
encouragement!!  I am looking forward to meeting everybody and I'm
bringing lots of film!!  LOVE YA ALL!!

A NEW POETS NICHE BABY - Word on the street from the DIAPER PATROL is
that our own Nadeen Herring-King and hubby Khari King, welcomed Omari
Jabri Herring-King into the world on July 10, 1999 at 4:35 a.m.  Mike
Tyson you better look out cuz Omari weighed in at an amazing 7 lbs. 7
oz., and will be looking for something to sink his teeth into when it's
teething time!!!  Mother and baby are doing well!  Please feel free to
send your love, extra hours of sleep, diapers, and/or your baby-sitting
availability to Nadeen at (

Tavaras is doing great and apologizes for her "DISAPPEARING ACT" (a
reference to Terry Mc's book). Her alibi -- SUMMER SCHOOL LOCK DOWN.
"School is sucking the *MUSE* right out of me, but you can be sure that
I'll be out of school before the Offline Party (in which I'll be in
attendance) and ready to PARRRRTAY."  Since Tasha didn't want to be the
only fall-gurl, she not only turned in her FREE GET OUT OF JAIL CARD, but
also turned in her ACCOMPLICE, best friend and Poets Niche member,
AKILAH.  Akilah just moved into a new apartment and is preparing to tour
Europe in the fall.  (Now, this is where I turn in my FRIENDS FLY FREE
CARD at the British Airways ticket counter!!!)  
Keep the GOOD NEWS coming by emailing ME ONLY at (


7)  WEBSITES TO CHECKOUT - Chief Editor of Rhapsody Magazine (as well as
Poets Niche member) John Riddick, is spreading the word that the Spring
1999 Issue of Rhapsody Magazine is out.  Go to (
and have a look see for yourself.  Please feel free to email your support
and comments directly to John at ( WAY TO GO JOHN!!! 
Rumor has it that he's looking for a FEW GOOD WRITERS for the Fall 1999
Issue.  Don't forget to tell John that moni sent you!

ANDDD, let's not forget to support (lil Rose, Rose II, Rose "/bams"
Cooper, and/or our MotWRC moderator's) new website endeavor
"3BlackChicks", movie reviews with "flava", and sistah-chat discussions. 
To see what all the hype is about, just go to ( 
(Honey chile, u know I gotz nothin but LOVE 4 U!!!).  If you have any
questions, comments or would like to be an upcoming "GUEST REVIEWER,"
please email bams at (  


8)  MUST READ BOOK - "TIES THAT BIND WAY DOWN DEEP" by Monique Gilmore-Scott:

Long story made short - Back in November 1994, my sister and I were
planning our family's sixth reunion in Atlanta, Georgia.  The day before
I was scheduled to leave for Atlanta, I was in the store picking up some
last minute items.  While I was walking down the aisle toward the produce
section (which was also near the emergency candy section), out of the
corner of my left eye I saw the name Monique Gilmore on the cover of a
paperback book.  Quite naturally, I stopped and eyeballed the book (I'm
sure it was mostly due to the "moni/que" connection).  Anywhooo, after
reading the back cover of "NO ORDINARY LOVE," I was hooked and purchased
the book to have something to read on the plane ride to Atlanta.  

Here's the short part of the story - Monique and I became fast-friends
after I wrote to her about her novels, NO ORDINARY LOVE, HEARTS AFIRE. 
After several computer crashes, changed telephone numbers, a wedding
(her's not mine), we lost touch for a couple of years.  Last month,
however, a Poets Niche member emailed me about a "MUST READ BOOK", and
yes, it was Monique Gilmore-Scott's book "Ties That Bind Way Down Deep". 
I quickly emailed Monique and got caught up on life (her's and mine) in

Okay, okay, the really short part - "Ties That Bind Way Down Deep"
showcases Monique's clever storytelling, tell it like it izzzz, I hope
she's on my side, kind of story.  Her character development is TOP NOTCH,
and her romantic interludes will make you take a cold shower!!  Without
giving the plot away, I'll just say, if the title doesn't say it all,
then you MUST READ the book to find out why Kaj and Dana are ALL TIED UP
and/or DOWN DEEP!!

Finally, here's what my twin-sis had to say 'bout me - "I LOOOOOOVE
BETWEEN THE DROPS!!!! (see Poems of the Week 16A).  GIRL, YOU SURE CAN

Now y'all know I cried like a sissy crybaby after I read this!


9)  POEMS OF THE WEEK - You don't want to miss reading these
heartwarming, reality bites, make ya wanna holler and slap ya mama kinda
poetree, in this week's POEMS OF THE WEEK 46! STEPPING UP TO THE PODIUM
TO are this week's featured poets:  

		Morning Dew by Lelani 
		Lady Love (Force Out) by Vet 
		Window to my Soul by Nyra Pierce 
		Son by Nadeen Herring 
		Family by Christopher Felton 
		Community by Shevette Swayze 
		Haunting by Shovian 

Visit the Poets Niche website at ( and see what all
the fuss is about.  THANK YOU POETS!!


10)  SHEZZZ back - Well, after several telephone calls and emails
wondering about my whereabouts, as well as complaints about where's the
TOP 10, *gezzz, I really didn't think y'all cared*, I'm back like crab

Although I was officially on vacation with my family, I was still working
behind the scenes to make sure our OFFLINE PARTY would be a success.  So
what did I do on my vacation?  It seems that Walt has already spilled the
beans, blabbed to the world, and went email crazy while I was gone. 
(More details coming your way tomorrow regarding my time with Shenita and
David).  I'll just say this -- I HAD A BALL with the members from the DC
MD/VA CONNECTION.  Here's what Renee had to say about our *one-on-one,
just us gurls having fun* time together:

"Moni...I too had such a wonderful time, laughing and laughing and
laughing some more.  It was great!  You're such a sweet and kind person,
so easy to talk to and get along with--it's no wonder so many people love
ya so much.  (RD, I just wired the bribe money to your Swiss bank
account).  You're as good as gold Girl and I can't wait to get out there
(to your New Orleans stumping ground)...I want a copy of that picture
too, Moni!" (as if I want proof of what we did on the front page of the
tabloids, I think not my sistah!).  (My sister has CLAIMED RENEE AS HER
LONG LOST SISTER, and no longer acknowledging ME as part of the family,
much less her sister).  

Thanks for the wonderful welcome back.  Below is moni's Poem of the Week.
I look forward to your comments and welcome your honest opinions.  

Until tomorrow,


         A POEM FOR S

sleep is upon me, my body torn and worn
for i am without him by my side

my outstretched arms cling to the days 
and nights traveled down memory lane

my palms are raised to the heavens so 
that my dreams will find comfort and
rest in his hands

hope is what his wishes for me, as he
sits on the moon sprinkling stardust 
on my path of "everything come true"

and when i feel his presence breathing
tomorrow's new dreams into my lungs once
filled with yesterday's forgotten whatnots

i simply lay my head down on his pillow
of love and wait for my eyes to close

Monica D. Blache (c) 1999

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