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Tuesday, September 14, 1999


           The only place an ass feels comfortable is in a hole.
                               moni © 1999


This week's issue:

-  moni's POEM OF THE WEEK


1)  There was an old man, a boy and a donkey.  They were going to town
and it was decided that the boy should ride.  As they went along they
passed some people who thought that it was a shame for the boy to ride
and the old man to walk.  The man and boy decided that maybe the critics
were right so they changed positions.

Later, they passed some more people who thought that it was a real shame
for that man to make such a small boy walk.  The two decided that maybe
they both should walk.  Soon they passed some more people who thought
that it was stupid to walk when they had a donkey to ride.  The man and
the boy decided that maybe the critics were right so they decided that
they both should ride.

They soon passed other people who thought that it was a shame to put
such a load on a poor little animal.  The old man and the boy decided
that maybe the critics were right so they decided to carry the donkey.
As they crossed a bridge they lost their grip on the animal and he fell
into the river and drowned.

THE MORAL OF THE STORY IS - If you try to please everyone, you will
eventually lose your ass.


2)  WHIRL TOUR UPDATE!!  Reviews are still coming in regarding COME INTO

FROM NICOLE - THANK YOU so much for including me/my work in the was a dream come true for me.  I touch the book almost daily
to make sure it's real... :) Thanks so much for everything... I have
been forever changed because of the Poets Niche.  And it's been a
fantastic trip so far...I look forward to the future efforts that the
group produces.

Please add Dallas Texas to your Whirl Tour book signing:

DATE and TIME:   Wed - September 29, 1999 from 4:30 7:30 p.m.
WHERE:  SEVY'S, 8201 Preston Rd., Dallas, Texas  75225 - (214)
CONTACT:   Featured Poet, Katherine Smith (

We invite you to participate and join in on the FUN!!!  Tell Kat moni
sent ya!!!! (Hey Kat, THANKS BIG TIME, and keep us posted on how things
turned out. And, don't forget to take LOTS OF PICTURES so we can post on
the Poets Niche website.



FROM Leilani - When I first joined the poet's family I was a little
insecure about this whole thing.  I set back, watched and read for
quite some time.  Then I began with some feedback to some of the poets
to which I think everyone here is gifted, and I see God's work at hand
daily in so many of them.  I have been writing poetry forever it
seems...and I have so much I want to share.   I am so happy to be a part
of this family and just know that you and the Poets Niche are a blessing
and inspiration to so many lives.  I am truly thankful for this website
and you.



A brief introduction of myself is as follows.  My name is Gloria, and
I'm a Lead Financial Analyst by trade and a Poet by all that defines who
I am.  I have been writing poetry since I was old enough to have paper
and pen in hand.  I heard about your group through another email group
that I am a part of Brother Kalamu's drummers is what it's called.  He
informed me of the book signing here in Atlanta, which is where I
reside.  Of course I was there!!  I went to Sylvia's and felt the love
immediately as I entered the room!  Life doesn't get any better than

I self-published a book myself a little over a year ago.  It didn't make
a mint.  But it accomplished one of my life-long goals to see some of my
collection in print.  I'm already enjoying the group immensely and have
found a friend that vibes to the same tune as I do.  I look forward to
growing and sharing with the Niche.


FROM DERRICK - A friend, who apparently loves what you have done,
told me of your site.  I'm a computer guy, who loves writing, cooking
and chillin'.  Thanks for the opportunity to get some of my stuff out
there in hopes of becoming better at what I enjoy!


FROM ED - I am a schoolteacher who wrote some poems, but none lately.
Maybe this will encourage me to do more.  I also wanted to subscribe so
I could relate this to student poem-writers to help them get started.


FROM PAULA - I was at church yesterday when I saw a brother who looked
to be a writer.  During our conversation, he (Errol) told me about Poets
Niche and Niche Market.  I visited your website and decided to join.  I
have been writing poems over the years, though I have not amassed very
many at all.  But I have some that I would like to refine and to
publish.  And, I'd like to write more and meet more fellow  poets.


FROM QIANA - Thanks for welcoming me into this circle of poetic
creativity...the work that I've read so far by members has been
wonderful.  I don't have any work published.  I think I'm still in the
stage of wondering whether my work is "good enough" for the masses to
see.  My webpage is at (, and
my poems at ( under the "Soulfood
Shack".  My pen name is SimplyQ, and I found out about your site
because I also receive Walt's Friday inspirations.  I finally decided to
check out the rest of the site, and voila!

THANKS Leilani, Gloria, Derrick, Ed, Paula and Qiana.  I'm truly
overwhelmed by your kindness!!!


4)  FROM THE QUEEN'S THRONE ? (issue #7) - Motivational insight from
Shenita Vanish:


"My concern for you stems from the fact that I feel that you are looking
at this "potential relationship" with one eye and one hand on the door.
And, as I speak, I am convicting myself, as well.  I have had so many
relationships to "fail" or "not work out" until I go into a relationship
expecting it to "end one day."  I'm working on getting myself to the
point that I look at all relationships and see only "growth" instead of
"failure."  Truth be told, life is on our side and we cannot fail.  We
can only succeed!"

These are the words that I shared with a dear Brotherfriend of mine.  He
was "frazzled" because a potential relationship of two weeks was not
going as he planned.  He couldn't read the young lady's signals so he
called them "mixed" and was ready "to be a ghost."  My dear friend, one
of the closest guy friends that I have ever had, is usually full of so
much inspiration but yet, he seemed as if he had given up on life.  Or,
at least, the relationship part of life.  I couldn't believe that the
young lady that he was giddy about just two days prior was now on his
"outta here" list and he was ready to claim, again, that he couldn't
find a "good woman" anywhere.

I've been around enough "good men looking for good women" and "good
women looking for good men" that I have realized that "something has got
to be wrong with this picture."  At a recent forum discussion that
emerged at a picnic/cards party that I was attending in Chicago during
the Labor Day Weekend, my newly found friends and I made a startling
revelation.  Women say how they feel and expect men to make provisions
for their feelings even if the man's words contradict what the woman is
saying.  Men say how they feel and expect women to make provisions for
their feelings even if the woman's words contradict what the man is
saying.  Let me give you an example.  If I meet a young man and I tell
him that I do not want to be physically intimate until I am involved in
a committed relationship, I expect him to honor it.  If a young man
meets me and tells me that he does not want a committed relationship but
he would like to have sex, he expects me to understand and respect his
wishes.  However, if I have sex with him, I may, foolishly, conclude
that he has decided that he wants to have a committed relationship with
me because he understood my position.  He may, foolishly, conclude that
I have decided that I will be involved in a physical relationship
without a commitment because I understood his position.  Then we are
surprised when someone wants to be "out" of this relationship.

Relationships require excellent communication skills.  We must say what
we mean and we must hear what our partners are saying.  Relationships
take time, and they take work.  They require commitment, perseverance
and compassion.  When I am involved in a relationship, there are, at
least, three entities involved -- there is my mate, the relationship,
and me.  I may not want to call my partner, but my relationship requires
that I call my partner.  I may not want to give up my weekend with my
friends but because I'm in a relationship, it requires that I spend time
with my partner.

When viewing a potential mate, no matter how long it last; savor in the
joy of having an opportunity to express the love that continually flows
through you.  Rejoice that God has given you, yet another glimpse, of
His magnificence as a part of Him with the power to share love, joy,
happiness and concern for others.

I pray that we learn patience and perseverance for our relationships and
ourselves.  If it is good, hold on to what you have.  Approach it as if
it will never end.  And, if it does ends tomorrow, smile on the good
moments that you have had and know that better moments are in store for
you.  In this fast past world, let us hold tight to what is good, pure
and right.  Heaven can be had, but we can't expect everything overnight.
Continue to trust that life will give you everything that you need.

THANKS QUEEN!!!  Please feel free to send your comments directly to
Shenita at (


Discovering Distinctive American Voices: Book Deals, Inc., a literary
agency with offices in Chicago and New York, announces the launch of the
first Great American Book Contest.  The goal: to discover American
authors of exceptional talent whose work equals or surpasses the finest
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Grand Prize winners, one for nonfiction and one for fiction, will be
awarded $1,500 each, an editorial meeting with an editor from Ballantine
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scout.  In addition, one Honorable Mention Award of $750 will be given
to an unpublished book author 30 years of age or younger whose strong
voice exhibits the next generation's literary promise.  The contest
deadline is December 31, 1999, and only unpublished book-length
nonfiction or fiction prose with an American setting is eligible.

According to Book Deals, Inc. President Caroline Francis Carney, "Each
day, another writer is born determined to write 'the great American
book' and struggles to create that work for posterity.  Often, we hear a
sense of discouragement from authors as they feel that the vagaries of
the marketplace work against their pursuit of high literary ambition.
As an agency, we wanted to provide writers with a new forum that
celebrates and encourages their efforts, and gives them an additional
incentive to complete their work."

Writers who are interested in entering this contest must send a request
for an application and the complete contest details along with a SASE
to: Book Deals, Inc.;  20 North Wacker Drive, Suite 1928;  Chicago, IL
60606 Attention:  Great American Book Contest.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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THE RULES: 1) The competition is open to self-published books for which
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* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

SCHOLARSHIPS - The Charles E. Price Scholarship Award that is designed
to provide financial assistance to a student of color pursuing a college
degree in electrical or mechanical engineering. This scholarship is
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application form.  DEADLINE: October 1, 1999.

Tell 'em that the Cincinnati chapter of BDPA Information Technology
Thought Leaders [] sent you!


6)  LOVE LETTERS BETWEEN FRIENDS - Boy, I just love it when members are
inspired by other members to use their imagination and write beautiful
poetry.  Well, that's what David and Nyra have done in the instance
case.  ['s my version of the truth, the whole truth and
nothing but the truth].  David submitted his poem "SOULMATES" to his
group, along with cc's to those members who love the Lion's positive
writing style.  Nyra, being on David's cc list, couldn't help herself
and had to respond, but not in your usual fashion.  Instead, she wrote
what is now dubbed the companion poem, "HIS ESSENCE".  (Now, here's the
skinny on my co-worker Nyra.  Nyra is a legal secretary, which means
she's always under some kind of court imposed deadline.  After she read
the Lion's (as she so lovingly calls David) poem, instead of "working"
like the rest of us *obviously I'm not working cuz I'm trying to put
together the top 10 on my lunch break*, the "juices" just started
flowing, which resulted in a poem.  Don't they just make you sick?
Anywhoooo, I invite you to take a peek at what I'm calling LOVE LETTERS

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Have you ever heard footsteps
Looked around
Only to find that there was no one near
Then to realize that it was your Woman
Walking across your mind

Or to smell Her scent as strong as ever
>From day  to day  to day  to day
All day long
Even though the last time you saw her was
1 2 3 4 5 days ago

Have you ever tried at night
To force yourself to dream that dream
Of making good love to your Woman
Taking Her to ecstasy
But that dream never comes 'cause
Taking such a spiritual journey
Is only meant for reality

When you feel your heart beat
Pounding louder and stronger than ever
And you hold your chest scared with fear
Thinking, my god I'm having a heart attack!
But nothing was drastically wrong 'cause
It was just Two Hearts Beating As ONE

I ask,
Do you ever hear your Woman
When She's over five hundred miles
Four states away
Calling your name in the middle of the night
Cause She is lonely
Wanting you to hold Her
Wanting you there to hold
Do you

Have you ever been in love
So deep that
If you were to go any deeper
You would lose yourself
In the womb of your woman's existence
To be born again
Reflecting everything
That GOD intended in a Black Man

To wrap yourself
All up in your Woman's essence
That every poetic word that flows
>From your heart to your fingers
To pen to paper
Is all about Her
And now
After over 400 years
You've finally freed your mind
>From the shackles of mental slavery
Only to be bound and chained
By The Power of Her Love

Can you tell me
When was the last time
You took time to be by yourself
Then to realize
You were never by yourself

David L. Weeks © 1999 (

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

NYRA's version of the events -  This piece was sparked as a response to
a piece by one of my spiritual brothers.  I wanted to reply to his
piece, but had more to say than just "another beautiful poem."  So the
words came pouring from somewhere deep inside and the fingers would not
stop until it was done.  When I sent it to David, he so graciously
honored me by giving my random thoughts a name, and crowning it as a
companion poem to his poem.


As I walk across your mind
I always stop to enjoy the fragrance
Of what defines your essence
And your strength

The smell of you last forever
And a day
And whenever I am lonely
I can lean back my head,
Search my memory,
And bring you close to me
With just a whiff, a familiar smell
That can only be associated with you

I remember the kiss of your soft lips
Which only remind me that you are
Soft all over
Making every place I caress
A treasure chest of love
My heart pounds fiercely at the thought
Of touching you

At night while you lay sleeping
I visit you in my mind's eye
I can see you gently breathe in and out
As you lay on your side with your arm
Thrown carelessly across your pillow
I gently press my lips against your forehead
Smell your precious scent and quietly float away
And from a distance I watch your loving face
Peacefully rejuvenate itself

And when I ask you in the morning
Did you have a good night?
Your reply is that you saw me in your dreams
That you could still feel the kiss from my lips
And how it all seemed so real
It is my love, true love is always real.


Nyra Pierce © 1999 (

Please feel free to send your comments and love to David and Nyra
directly.  THANKS DAVID and NYRA!!!


7)  POEMS OF THE WEEK - Her soulmate entered the room, and kissed her on

the forehead.  His expression was one of caution as he handed her the
mail.   He hung around for moral support.  Sister-gurl held her breath
and opened the mail.  Exhale.  Her body language revealed her
disappointment.  She was accustomed to handling rejection, but this
seemed somewhat endless.  So, she decided to add things up (5 + 1 =
DEATH), and filed the letter with the others - in the trash.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"When you’re around, everything is okay!" she lovingly replied.  They
just stood there holding hands.

Up to the MIC this week to perform are the following featured poets:

                      SISTER-GIRL by Gloria Ware
                      handling rejection by Chris Kendalls
                      WHEN YOU'RE AROUND by Rebecca D
                      5 + 1  = DEATH by Jezula
                      ENDLESS by Derrick Walker
                      UNTITLED by Naa-Shorme Norteye

Check out POEMS OF THE WEEK 51 at (  Please feel
free to send your support directly to the featured poets.   THANK YOU


8)  I would like to personally thank everyone who wished me an EARLY
birthday!!!  I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do to celebrate on
that DAY, except drink several pina coladas.  Below is moni's Poem of
the Week.  Your comments are always welcomed and greatly appreciated.

Until next week,

p.s.  Some of you have experienced some problems sending me email.
I'm on a new email system (Netscape) at work, which may explain some of
the problems.  Therefore, please continue to email me at
( because that address goes to several different
email accounts.  If you continue to have problems, please email me at
(  I apologize for the inconvenience.



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