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Issue #46 - moni's top 10 E-ZINE 
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Wednesday, September 22, 1999 


    "How do you expect to get answers to the questions of life 
           if you don't have conversations with yourself." 
                      David L. Weeks (c) 1999


This week's issue: 

-  ANYWAY (unknown author) 
-  moni's POEM OF THE WEEK 


1) ANYWAY (unknown author) 

People are often unreasonable, 
Illogical and self-centered; 
Forgive them ANYWAY. 

If you are kind, people may accuse 
You of Selfish, ulterior motive; 
Forgive them ANYWAY. 

If you are successful, you will find 
Some false friends and some true enemies; 
Succeed ANYWAY. 

If you are honest and frank, 
People may cheat you; 
Be honest and frank ANYWAY. 

What you spend years building, 
Someone could destroy overnight; 
Build ANYWAY. 

If you find serenity and happiness, 
They may be jealous; 
Be happy ANYWAY. 

The good you do today, 
people will often forget tomorrow; 
Do good ANYWAY. 

Give the world the best you have, 
And it may never be enough; 
Give the world the best you've got ANYWAY. 

You see, in the final analysis, 
It never was between you and them 
It is between you and God, ANYWAY!!! 


2)  IF WE BUILD IT...WILL THEY COME? - Y2K is just around the corner, and
BOY do WE have BIG plans for YOU!  With the success of the Poets Niche as
a guide for other niches to spring up, Walt and I [really Walt, with my
assistance on how to tips] are currently writing a business plan on how
to run various niches under the umbrella of the Niche Market. 

Giving you the tools to help you succeed is one of the principles of
successful networking.  For example, I have drafted HOW TO HOST YOUR OWN
WHIRL TOUR (which Walt will email later this week), not only to help the
featured poets and members market our anthology, COME INTO OUR WHIRL, but
also to help YOU market YOUR OWN BOOKS. 

Here's what we are planning for YOUR future: 

         Short, Short, Really Short Story Niche 
         Songwriters Niche 
         Christian Writers Niche 
         Screenwriters Niche 
         Children Poetry and Short Story Niche 
         Artists Niche 

Our goal is to have each Niche publish its own annual anthology, produce
songs and CD, market screenplays, and host international conventions to
showcase your God-given talents.  Niche membership will afford you the
international exposure and networking avenues you will need to be
successful in your particular field of dreams.  Look for upcoming
announcements explaining what you can expect from us to make your dream a


3)  CHAT ROOM - In the next couple of weeks, the Poets Niche Chat Room
will officially open for online discussions. Once or twice a month
(probably on a Friday night for about an hour) we will discuss specific
topics, which will be posted on the site.  To get things started, I will
initially host the chat room discussions, and then invite members to
guest host.  The CHAT ROOM GUIDELINES will be discussed in next week's
top 10.  If anyone has any helpful hints and/or suggestions, please email
ME ONLY at ( 


4)  THE GOOD, THE BAD and THE UGLY - I received the following email from
a former member.  The identity of this individual is purposely withheld: 

THE GOOD - I got what I needed, some feedback that helped me decide to
follow my heart and keep writing and developing my song writing skills. 
I have since obtained a keyboard and have written two new songs...I
really wanted to thank you for your support and comments about my work. 
You know what it feels like?  It feels like I am pregnant with lots of
music.  I have been working on the insecurity about my talent and
motives, and my experience with the Poets Niche gave me a lot of
validation that I should keep at it.  That is precious to me. 

THE BAD - I had to leave group 6 because I was getting too much email. 
Not your would be okay if I was doing this from home, but I
don't need a computer at home yet so I joined from work, and it was
getting to be too much to keep up with.  I still get Walt's Friday
Inspirations, so I'm still connected! 

THE UGLY - Don't forget guideline #10 of the Submission Guidelines [Since
many of our members receive email at work, please do not jeopardize their
ability to fully participate by over saturating the group with more than
a couple poems a week].

THANK YOU for continuing to support your fellow members because YOU ARE


                      I HAD A DREAM, Part II 
                      by Lynn Welch Hargrove 
                             (c) 1999

Once upon a time I had a dream of being star quarterback for a major NFL
team.  I saw myself making save-the-day-plays in front of an adoring
crowd and making money just by having fun. 

Once upon a time I had a dream that I would be number one, the big dog
and MVP, on the best basketball team in the league.  I envisioned myself
being the envy of others as I astounded the audience with extended hang
time that would make Michael Jordan look bad. 

Once upon a time I had a dream that I would make something of myself and
make my family  proud to know me.  Once upon time I had a dream but then
reality set in. 

Nobody told me about the guys in the street looking squeaky clean while
making a fast buck via illegal means.  Nobody warned me about the
teachers that work part-time as prostitutes on the strip who would use me
and abuse me for a quick drug trip. 

Once upon a time I had a dream that I was a world class doctor making
great strides in medicine and saving many lives.  Once upon a time I had
a dream that I would be somebody special and proud.  But reality set in
when I realized that my daddy was drinking up all the family money and
momma was next door with the preacher shooting dope.  I knew I was poor
and that I lived in the ghetto, yet I still had a dream that I could do
more than just survive. 

Nobody told me that the old man on the corner would cut me for a dollar. 
Nobody warned my that the little cutie  around the way would give me a
premature child while she herself was on her way to an early grave
because she was messing with the pimp that didn't tell her he had AIDS. 

Once upon a time I had a dream, then I realized that I didn't have a job
to pay for the baby's medical expenses and I didn't have an education to
get a job worth sh**.  Hell, I'm only 16 and I've been on my own for as
long as I can remember.  Now, I got a little shorty who may not live to
see age one, much less 40.  For all I know with all the shooting and
killing going on in my hood, I may not see tonight, much less tomorrow. 

Once upon a time I had a dream about owning big houses and fancy cars;
but then reality set in when I awoke facing a hole in the wall, with rats
playing chase with roaches down the hall.  I had a dream that I was never
hungry and food was always plentiful, then I looked around and found the
cupboard empty and nothing but lint in my pockets to spare.  Once upon a
time I had a dream, I really did, but no one cared. 

Once upon a time I had many good dreams, but then I woke up and reality
set in.  Life is a nightmare that seems never to end.  Once upon a time I
had some good dreams that I really thought I could achieve.  Once upon a
time I think I dreamed good dreams. 

THANKS LYNN!!!  Please feel free to send your support and comments
directly to Lynn at ( 


6)  POETREE U SAY - Mosaic Literary Magazine is looking for an
advertising/marketing rep.  If you are familiar with, you
may know that Mosaic Magazine does in print what the website does for
Black and Hispanic literature and culture.  This marketing person would
solicit ads for a handsome commission.  No experience is required. 
Mosaic would prefer someone based in New York, but will consider anyone
who is interested.  If you or anyone you know is interested, please email
Ron Kavanaugh at ( or Tracy Grant at

Robert H. Winner Memorial Award is given annually to acknowledge original
work by a writer in mid-life who has not yet had substantial recognition. 
The award is open to poets over 40 who have never published or who have
published no more than one book.  For more information, please write to
Poetry Society of America, 15 Gramercy Park Station, New York, New York
10003; or call (212) 254-9628.  The next deadline is December 21, 1999. 

New Millennium Writings awards cash prizes of $1,000 to winners who are
chosen twice a year for the New Millennium Awards.  Awards are given for
unpublished works of poetry, fiction and creative non-fiction.  The next
deadline is November 15th.  For more details, visit their website at
(; or write to Don Williams, Editor, New Millennium
Writings, New Millennium Awards, P.O. Box 2463, Knoxville, TN 37901; or
call phone (423) 428-0389. 


7)  HELPFUL TIPS FROM AN AGENT - TiaShabazz, Executive Director of the
African American Online Writers Guild (, recently
attended the First Annual Detroit Black Writers Guild's Midwest Poets &
Writers Conference.  After getting the scoop from her directly, Tia said,
"It was a conference ALL WRITERS and POETS should have attended.  This
was an excellent forum for writers and poets to hone their skills through
the various workshops offered, as well as meet people from all over the
country to celebrate the written and spoke word."  To read more about the
event, go to (  Tia was
kind enough to share her actual notes from Denise Stinson's agent
workshop with me so I could share with you. 

Agents are not publicists or marketers.  Sell books. Period.  Sell them
in the best way that we think they can be published. What to look for: 

Has sold at least one book a month. Actively selling. 
Must be enthusiastic about your work. 
Agenting what you're writing. 
Find a list of agents, then shorten the list to 2-4.  Rank them. 
Send query letter or novel. Send first agent an exclusive submission and
would like to hear back from them in a couple of weeks. 
Submit fiction when you have finished your book. Send query letter,
synopsis of book and first three consecutive chapters. 
Or send a synopsis and the entire manuscript. (Some agents do not like
entire ms but what can they do?) 

Agents may sometimes offer input on strengths, weaknesses, etc.  Have to
consider whether or not agent can sell it -- what houses she will
contact, what else is out there… 

Really need to plot out your book. 

Give an agent six to eight weeks. Then it's okay to place a call or drop
a note. 
Some people send SAS index cards -- Thank you for reviewing my ms. Can
you give me an approximate time that you'll get back to me? 

The best way to find out what an agent is selling is by reading books in
your genre and referencing the acknowledgments
OR ask the agent. 

Major publishers publish about 44,000 books each year. Less than 100 are
by African American authors. 

Hardcover (standard royalties are 10% for 1st 5,000, 12.5% for second
5,000, 15% thereafter) -- off list price with MOST publishers; off NET
with SMALL publishers. 
Trade paperback -- almost same size as hardcover, but paper (standard -
Mass market -- smallest version and can be placed in racks everywhere
(8%, after 100,000 copies to 8.5% (generally) 

More first-time fiction is being published in trade paperback rather than
Take 10%, 12.5%, 15% apply to advance, when advance is earned, THEN you
get royalties. Agents take 15% of advances and royalties. Earn out
advance by audio rights (you get percentage if publisher keeps and sells
them); first serial rights (someone buys a magazine and buys a portion of
your book for publication before it's published); second serial (after
book is published).  Author will receive 90% (generally).  Also by
foreign rights. 

If book does not earn back advance, you do not have to give back money. 
Strive for sales and long shelf life. Go to bank and put half in another
account to pay for tour, promotions, etc. BOOKSTORES decide where you go,
not publisher. 


Sell book. 
Editor suggests changes to book. 
Editor sends back book. 
Author makes changes. 
Author sends back. 
Copyeditor edits book. 
Author edits book. 
Usually takes 6-12 months before book is published. 
"Crash" is not listed in catalog and publication is rushed. ONLY done
when publisher thinks it can sell TONS of books. 
Reviewers rarely review mass markets 

A first-time author should not get a publicist until he/she sees what the
publisher is doing and until they are finished. 

Publishing has changed so radically in the last five years. So many
publishers have merged so there is likely to be LESS African American
literature being published. Successful authors are not leaving their
publishers. Unless author's voice is very distinct, producing and on
point, it's very difficult to get published. 



8)  PRAYERS - Our sister Leilani, recently lost her beloved brother
earlier this week. There's nothing like a brother's love, and he will be
truly missed by all who knew and loved him.  Please remember her and her
family in your prayers, as they face some very difficult days ahead. 
Your love and support can be sent to Leilani at (  My
thoughts, prayers and love are with you my dearest Leilani. 


9)  POEMS OF THE WEEK - A new beginning brought a different perspective
of knowledge and power.  I was no longer cold and alone, or waiting on
the faker's fate.  This week's featured poets are: 

            A NEW BEGINNING by Constance Odom 
            KNOWLEDGE  & POWER by Cephus Pierce III 
            A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE by Nicole McLean 
            FATE IS A FAKER by Shaun Cecil 
            I AM WAITING by Padmore Agbemabiese 
            COLD AND ALONE by Chuck Reimer 

Check out POEMS OF THE WEEK 52 at ( and read why
these poems touched a special cord for me.  FANTASTIC JOB POETS!!! 


10)  THE POWER OF NETWORKING - On September 18th, Tia sent out the following email: 

To:   group members 
cc:   ( 

If anyone is familiar with the poem this fellow member is seeking, please
contact Cynthia at renxx@xxxx. 

* * * * * * * * 
FROM CYNTHIA - I am trying to find a poem I read once for a presentation
I have due on Tuesday.  I don't remember who the author is or even the is about racism and apathy and some of it goes like this:
[They came for the Jews, but  I did nothing because I was not a Jew. 
Then they came for the Christians, but I did nothing because I was not a
Christian....(it goes on and on about all these groups that "they" kept
coming for, until finally....)  And then they came for me, but there
was no one left to stand up for me].  Could you get the word out and see
if anyone in the group ever heard of this work?  Even if I had only the
title or the author, that would be very helpful. Thanks a lot. 

* * * * * * * * 
FROM moni - Cynthia, sorry for the delay, but I hope this will help!  The
website for this poem is: ( links.let.niem.
html) which was written by Martin Niemöller. 
* * * * * * * * 
FROM CYNTHIA - Thanks moni for the poem!  I was able to print it and
attach it to my presentation as a closing statement which I will read at
the end!!!  Tell Tia thanks for getting the word out and I'll let you
know what grade I get (smile). 
* * * * * * * * 

So what does this mean?  It means helping OTHERS is the SOURCE OF YOUR

And finally, THANK YOU for continuing to email me information to include
in THE 10!!  Below is moni's Poem of the Week.  I welcome your comments,
and greatly appreciate that you took the time out to share your thoughts
with me. 

until next week... 
much love 

p.s.  thanks a bunch CG!!! 


               I THINK ABOUT YOU 

I think about you when the melody of silence stands still 

when stars shoot across the Milky Way 

when laughter tickles my fancy 

when I remember the taste of strawberries on your lips 

when days are long and Sunday mornings are too short 

               I think about you 

when rainbows remind me of the splendor of love after a storm 

when the phone rings and no one is there 

when the screams of loneliness becomes a crime 

when the weight from sorrow opens the floodgates 

when I catch a glimpse of you in our child's smile 

                 I think of you 

when I remember how the dark kidnapped you and left me a 
widow in the day's sunlight 

when the spontaneity of passion is interrupted by the subtleties 
of reality's cruelty 

when I remember the last words we said to one another and 
delight in the truth that they were of love 

when the scent of you filters through my bones and reignites 
that special place 

when I clearly hear your voice in the whistling wind 

when my mind tries to hide memories of moments once shared 

when waiting seems forever and I have no will to breathe my own air 

when you forgave me for my sins of not always remembering and 
my penance was to say three I love you's 

           I thought about you 

when I replayed yesterday and you were still here 

             Monica D. Blache © 1999 

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