Issue #52 - moni's top 10 E-ZINE 
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Wednesday, December 22, 1999


     Part of seeking advice is accepting the fact that not
            everyone will always agree with you!
                    moni © 1999


This week's issue:

-  moni's POEM OF THE WEEK


1)  For you sun, star and moon gazers, you might find the following
information pretty interesting.  As reported by Bob Berman in the
Discovery Magazine - This year's December 22 winter solstice coincides
with a full Moon -- a combination that happens only 3 decades or so...but
that's not the only celestial oddity for the day.  The Moon also reaches
perigee, it's closest point to the Earth.  So this Solstice, which brings
together the year's lowest Sun and longest night, comes at the same time
as the closest Moon -- and a full Moon, to boot.  The last time the full
Moon, lunar perigee, and winter solstice fell on the same day was in
1866.  But even then the Moon merely reached its closest approach of the

On this December 22, the Moon will be at its nearest point of the year.
And there's more --- the day of the Earth's maximal tilt [when the axis
is directed most fully away from the Sun] will also combine with a very
CLOSE Sun -- which reaches it's nearest point to the Earth 12 days later. 
The confluence of all these forces will at the very least brew up huge
proxigean tides, also called "closest of the close Moon" tides.  They
will extend a few, but crucial, inches farther than normal, ranging from
reaching the boardwalk highs, to lows that uncover rarely exposed marine
life.  If you add a low-pressure storm at sea scenario to this day --
unusually strong tides could go over the edge, and even earthquakes occur
more often during strong tide effects. 

The cosmic culprits responsible for all this drama -- the Moon and the
Sun, occupy opposite ends of the sky on December 21-22. A full Moon will
rise just as the Sun goes down in its left most position of the year
along the horizon.  This exceptionally plump moon will seem a full 14%
wider than it appeared at apogee, its farthest point from the Earth.  On
December 22 the Sun, Moon, and Earth perform a truly, genuinely, once in
a millennium dance.


2)  THE INSPIRER SPEAKS - If you really want to know the essence of the
man behind Walt's Friday Inspirations, all you have to do is read his
recently published book, "LESSONS IN SUCCESS".  Let me warn you ahead of
time, however, that after you have read "Lessons" from cover-to-cover,
you will feel a sense of overwhelming joy.  Oh, and if you are compelled
to hug someone, well. . .it's safe to assume that these lessons were a
success because they touched you just where they were supposed to -- your

My final interview for the year is with the INSPIRER himself, Walt
Goodridge.  Before Walt hits the talk show circuit, I thought I would
prep him as a precursor for his interview(s) with Oprah, The View, Larry
King, and Tavis Smiley.  "Okay, Mr. DeMille.  I'm ready for my close-up

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

moni:  Now that "LESSONS IN SUCCESS" is finally out, how does it feel?

Walt:  It feels fantastic!  (Did you really think I would say anything
else?)  [Just so you know, Walt's favorite word is FANTASTIC].  Many of
my friends had never really been able to enjoy my work because my other
books focused on the music industry.  Therefore, the demographic appeal
concentrated on a specific market.  "Lessons In Success" is the first
book I've written that can appeal to a wider audience.

moni:  What was the biggest LESSON you learned while writing and
compiling these inspirational messages into a comprehensive reference
book for success?

Walt:  "A comprehensive reference book for success".  I like that.  Can I
use it?  Well, as I was recounting the stories in Lessons, I was reliving
the events of that year and came to realize just how important other
people have been in my life.  I've always been a loner, and the biggest,
most dramatic change I had to go through, during the actual creation of
the Inspirations was learning how to rely on others.  I couldn't have
made it to the other side of those challenges without people like my
buddy Ernest, and my friends Nicole, Erroll, Diamond, Odette, and you
too, moni, who are all mentioned in the book.

moni:  Without giving away all the candy in the candy store, how will
"Lessons In Success" help others succeed beyond their wildest dreams?

Walt:  As one person I spoke to said, "People can see themselves in the
stories behind the Inspirations."  They can relate to the things I was
going through that inspired the words, and see how the thoughts can give
them a different perspective that can help them get through whatever it
is they face.

moni:  I know you've been asked this a million times, so what's a million
and 1!  Does the Inspirer have any bad habits?

Walt:  Yes.  You know, they say, "You teach best what you most need to
learn".   The inspirations, the lessons within them are all aspects of my
own personal growth, which I just happen to be sharing with the world. 
So you just need to read deeply into the Inspirations, to discover what
my own issues are.  The Inspirations are lessons for all of us, including
me that just happen to be coming "through" me.

moni:  What is your motivation and why is it important for you to
continue passing the "inspirational baton" to those running in the race
of life and finding true happiness?

Walt:  My mission, as it says at the end of every Inspiration, is "I
share what I know, so that others may grow".  I was just reading Book 3
of Conversations with God.  It's a reminder that on the spiritual level,
there's only one of us here.  Whatever I can do for others, I do for
myself as well.  Whatever helps one person, helps us all.

moni:  The changing face of the internet has made it possible for you to
email "Walt's Friday Inspirations" to thousands of people with just the
push of one button.  And, not all the responses have been kind (including
my second or third responses over a year ago).  I guess my question is,
why do you continue doing it knowing that you will receive "hate fan
mail" so to speak?

Walt:  For every 1 letter that I get damning me to >ahem< (and some of
them get really colorful), I get 10 from people who are really touched,
moved, inspired, helped, and lifted up by the Inspirations.  Sometimes it
even surprises me the effect they have on people.  People tell me that
the Inspirations have helped them heal relationships, teach their
children values, deal with daily stress, and think on a level that has
helped them to grow.  The email from the "fans" who just don't get it,
doesn't faze me anymore.

moni:  Let's imagine for a second, you're at the New York Times Press
Club Book Signing, and you are behind closed doors, but you hear people
clamoring for your attention.  The moderator reads your bio to your fans,
makes a short introductory speech, and say, "It's my pleasure to
introduce to you, the Inspirer Himself, Walt Goodridge."  You walk out
and see a sea of people clapping for YOU!  Besides the obvious thank
yous, (and being the consummate meatless ham you are [Walt's a
vegetarian], what would be the first thing you would say to show your
gratitude because you've "finally made it"!

Walt:  I guess "thank you" is too short a reply to such a long question,
huh?  Okay. . .As recorded at just such an event on the stage of my mind:
"Wow!  Thanks everyone! Wow. . .really!  No please. . .don't stand! 
Wow...>choke< [they're chanting now!]. . .Thank you...Thank you....[five
applause-filled minutes later] I really am grateful for this honor.  You
know, though I appreciate the applause, the really ironic thing is that I
receive more and more attention the more I step out of it's way.  What I
mean by that is, the Inspirations and all the books I've written, and
some of my best work is performed without my presence!  My growth is not
of my doing, but as a result of the people who've challenged me to grow
despite myself.  The Inspirations and other books have been written by
the one author, the one poet, and the one creator who uses some of us as
channels.  So I know deep down that the applause is for the people who
helped me to grow to who I've become, and the real appreciation is for
the fact that you're grateful I had enough sense to let myself be used as
a channel for all the thoughts and words that come through me!  And with
that, I'd like to tell you about my latest book....."

moni:  Let's throw caution to the wind for a moment.  If you could rub
Aladdin's lamp and make three wishes (more wishes not included), what
would you wish for?

Walt:  1) That everyone be able to live the life of their dreams; 2) That
I can have a real significant impact on people's lives; and 3) That Halle
Berry will call me any day now.

moni:  It's been said that "with success comes sacrifice."  Do you
believe that to be true; and if so, what sacrifices did you make in order
to see your dreams become a reality?

Walt:  Interestingly enough, what I consider "necessary" I don't think of
as "sacrifice".  For example, to get to Louisiana, I have to take Route
95.  Is it a sacrifice that I couldn't travel on Route 66?  All the
things I've gone through to get here have all been just part of the

moni:  How is "Lessons In Success" different from hundreds of other self
help, inspirational, reaffirmation/advice books out on the market today?

Walt:  Because it's often hard to see things objectively because I'm too
close, I'll use the words of a very happy reader who left a message on my
answering machine  "...what a joy it is!  It's been so inspiring! It's
simply written, yet profound.  As someone who attends a metaphysics
church, I am so thrilled with your vision of the world.  I really am

"Lessons In Success" is unique in that it tells a story, chronicles a
year in my life, and shows a direct correlation between the challenges I
experience, the thoughts I think in response, and the resulting outcome,
all using situations that just about everyone can relate to.  And it
because it has "Complex thoughts expressed in the simplicity of rhyme/ 
"Lessons In Success" will be a classic for all time!"

moni:  When the ball drops and the New Year is FINALLY HERE, where do you
see yourself, as well as the NicheMarket Enterprise, in the first six
months of the Year 2000?

Walt:  I have a new book that will be available in January 2000.  It's
entitled "Turn Your Passion Into Profit (Information, Inspiration and
Ideas to Help You Make Money Doing What You Love)," and it's already
selling!  I'll be doing workshops to help people do just that.  There'll
be a website, or a portion of NicheMarket devoted to just that concept,
helping people discover their passion, create a business around it, and
make money doing something that inspires them.

moni:  Last question!  What does THE INSPIRER expect of HIMSELF?

Walt:  Personal growth at all times.  Being more tolerant and less
judgmental of others.  And, a smile, from me to everyone.

Visit Walt's website at ( to order your copy of
"Lessons In Success".  Please feel free to send your inspirations and
love to Walt at (  THANKS Walt for sharing what you
know with us so we could grow!!!  KEEPING UP THE GOOD WORK means we'll
all benefit from your insight!!!


NEXT ANTHOLOGY!!!  Although I dread doing the actual work, I must admit
that re-reading the poems submitted for consideration will definitely be
both a treat and a challenge.  With the publication of our first
anthology, "Come Into Our Whirl," in August, 1999, Walt and I proved to
those naysayers that our commitment to the members of the Poets Niche was
"real".  Because the internet has so many unscrupulous companies, I know,
and even understand, that many of you were apprehensive about financially
supporting our efforts.  As Walt and I have said, "This is a grassroots
effort, and we are using "our" grass to keep this company rooted."]. 
With that being said, we hope that you are more willing to help us help
you with the publication of the next and future anthologies.

Choosing a title for the anthologies has come by way of divine
intervention.  I was comfortable with the publication and release of our
first book and wanted to wait until we hit the 'Top Ten Best Seller's
List' before working on the second book.  [True confession --I still
haven't caught up on my sleep from last year].  I knew the title would
come in the form of an inspiration!  Walt's Friday Inspiration, that
is!!!  As most of his inspirations do, they come at a time when I am
searching for clarity.  [More truth -- Hey, did someone put some kind of
truth serum in my drink?  I procrastinated until I was hit in the head
with a lightning bolt of inspiration].  After I read inspiration #107, I
immediately emailed Walt and told him that "In the Comfort of Our Own
Creations" was the title for our second anthology.  To refresh your
memory, below is Walt's Friday Inspiration #107-(09/10/99):

In The Comfort Of Our Own Creations 

 In the comfort of our own creations
 we often find ourselves at rest
 content to laze away our lives
 without the urge to do what's best 

 in circumstances of our choosing
 or as they say "the bed we've made"
 we dread the days and damn the drama
 and often wonder why we've stayed 

 This life we live is like a picture
 with scenes we brush from head and heart
 when once you recognize the painter 
 your days become like works of art! 

Inspiration #107 pretty much speaks for itself.  What we have created and
will create are, certainly works of art!!!  If I'm out-of-pocket for
awhile, just remember I'm working on our second anthology, "IN THE
(tentatively scheduled for August 3-6, 2000!!!


of THE 10, we will explore, through poetic expression(s), "WHAT'S LOVE

I first introduced LOVE LETTERS in Issue #45 of THE TEN, with David and
Nyra's collaborative efforts and their poems "Soulmates" and "His
Essence."  But a quick look back over the year, I discovered that there
was a lot of behind the scenes collaborating going on [more like LOVE
CONNECTIONS, EMAIL STYLE].  I must admit that I too partook in the
fantasies of email romance with several members.  [See Issue #29 and my
coupling with Shaun and our poems Ghost and Sleepwalking].  And, I guess
you can call me a two-timer because I also spent time with Saleem to
write "S&M" [see Issue #44, as well as "Come Into Our Whirl"].  Check out
Poems of the Week(s) 31 and 45 and you'll find lovers vibing with the
rising sun, or singing lullabies during a midnight storm, and kissing the
morning dew.  

After snooping around in back allies, intercepting emails, and
eavesdropping on telephone conversations, it's time to finally expose the
Case in point is the recent collaboration between Nicole McLean and James
Abernathy, and their poem "Let me love you…"  But, you be the judge:  

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Let me love you...

I want to make love to you in every way possible,
Let me dream of you and make those dreams reality,
Let me take a bite of your flesh and taste the inner sweetness of your soul,
Let me know that you have made my heart your home...

Let me love you...

Let me show you that a real man is just that
Let me show you how attentive your love has made me and allow me to
consume you mentally then sexually
Let me love you, completely
Let me show you that I AM home

Let me love you...

As I realize my dreams from the fantasies of my youth
Let me understand the differences between you and me
Let me smother you with kisses that melt the anger of your day
Let me love you in my own special way...

Let me love you...

Let me crown you the queen of my life and show you the castle that is my heart
Let me share with you my hopes, dreams, and disappointments
Let me write you into the script of my life as my leading lady
Let me show you what a happy ending is

Let me love you

Let me honor you as the king of our home and the priest of our household
Let me relish my role as your queen, your concubine, your lover and your friend
Let me constantly work to improve myself and therefore offer you all that you seek in a woman
Let me bask in the glow of your love and adoration

Let me love you

Let me revive all of the sweetest sensations
The ones that remind you why you love being a woman
Let me prove to you that you are never taken for granted
Let me show you the fruits of love, from the seed that you planted

Let me love you

Let us constantly be reminded of all that is sacred in love
Let us consistently work to make our family unit so strong it is envied
Let us learn that love requires diligence, faith, understanding and hope
Let us remember that we love each other.

Let us openly receive this blessing of love
Let us honor it in word and deed
Let us focus on one another, becoming one in mind and spirit
Yes...Let us remember that we love each other.

Nicole McLean and James Abernathy © 1999 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
Thanks Nicole and James for poetically expressing the meaning of LOVE so
beautifully!!!  Please take a minute to send your comments and love to
Nicole at ( and James L. Abernathy and

This section of THE 10 is for COLLABORATIVE WORKS ONLY.  Therefore, if
you have teamed up with a "group member" and have written a poem or a
short, short, really short story, please submit your work to ME ONLY at


5)  If you are looking for a totally different prospective on counting
down the old year or bringing  in the new year, Mocha will definitely
touch a nerve and make you think with her special brand of enlightenment. 
Just a quick warning, this does contain some adult language.  

         Y2 Khaos (New Year's Eve Countdown…)
               by Mocha (c) 1999

TEN:  A proclamation to emancipate nine million Africans after 250 years
of hard labor…in the land of the FREE and home of the BRAVE.  The
Atlantic Ocean is the site of several unmarked graves. 

NINE:  We're moving on up. . .North, dis here's the year of Jubilee in
Zoot suits and tilted hats ambience, the art of humanity cracked the
doorway of equality through Harlem's Renaissance? Oh really!  Just south
of reality your Brothers and Sisters are still crying out for Liberty or

EIGHT:  We had an answer to the Negro question by marching on the
Guardians of Civil Rights. We shall overcome after we bury our dead and
heal the wounds from a dogs bite.  I have a Dream, but it's deferred to
future generations. 

SEVEN:  Time is unpredictable so we ran twenty years into Empowerment,
strong Black fist, on top of Afro-picks, dudes in dashikis and hip
righteous chicks saying LOUD, "I'm black and I'm Proud". 

SIX:  But Niggers are scared of a revolution, so like Virginia Slims
we've come a long way Baby Boomers inhaled the earth's natural herbs and
spices, while my people inhaled, inheritable low self-esteem, through

FIVE:  Insane in the membrane. We vote for an actor to be President, and
he wants a leading role in Star Wars, bringing the force of economic
prosperity to motherfu.....who were rich already! 

FOUR:  The State of Affairs is being sodomized by irresponsible acts of
infidelity. . .leaving a tainted stain on my new blue dress; but all is
forgotten when troops are sent to other places to battle civil unrest. 

THREE:  Dysfunctional families have exploded out of the ghetto and into
your neighborhoods. Instead of building education, we construct a
stronger jail cell, introducing 13-year old black boys to Hell. 

TWO:  Bill can close the Gates on us with just one flick of a switch,
DAMN, Y2 Khaos the ultimate computer glitch.  All you folks 'wit bad
credit, don't sweat it. . .'cause in 60 seconds the slate will be wiped
clean.  We can go to Macy's during their 5 finger discount sale and shop
until we hear the Po Po scream. . .STOP! 

ONE:  The past has a funny way of repeating itself, so I suggest you be
compliant with a renewed level of conscious in the year Y2 Khaos! 

Happy New Year....

WOW!!!  Thanks a bunch Mocha!  Please feel free to send your comments
directly to Mocha at (


6)  POETREE U SAY - If you are in the New Orleans area and looking for a
place to showcase your talent, Ebony Square is the place to perform! 
Ebony Square is located at 4215 Magazine Street, New Orleans, Louisiana. 
Doors open at 8:30 p.m. and Showtime is at 9:00 p.m.  Any open mike poets
must be present before 9:00 p.m. to confirm their place on the show.  
You may call to book your spot in advance at (504) 891-4991 or email
(  Check out their website at (http:/  Please be sure to tell Kalamu or
Stephan that moni sent ya!!!

producer of  "Def Comedy Jam" on HBO is working on a nationwide poetry
competition entitled "Russell Simmons Presents, Def Jam Poetry Slam."  It
will go to 12 states.  The event will be televised on HBO.  If you or
anyone you know is interested, call (212) 391-9443.  They'll take your
information and contact you at a future date.  You can also mail your
press packages into: PHAT FARM, c/o Def Poetry Slam, 530 Seventh Ave.,
14th floor, New York, NY 10018.

A Kwanzaa celebration for the whole family to enjoy - If you are in the
Atlanta area, check out FUSION "from Africa to Hip Hop" a musical,
dancical, cultural celebration of Kwanzaa @ the Center Stage Theatre, on
Thursday, December 30th at 6:00 p.m.  For more information, please call
(404) 264-3909.  


7)  Have you made your New Year's Resolution yet?  If so, and you want to
share it with us, please submit it to ME ONLY at (
so it can be included in the next issue of THE TEN!!!  


8)  PRAYER REQUESTS - It's always hard when a loved one dies, especially
during the holidays.  Please know that our prayers are with those of you
who have recently suffered such a great loss.  Take comfort in God's
promise, however, that you will be reunited again!  

bams and Bear recently lost their beloved Sarah-purl [Michael's
stepmother].  Please send your love and prayers to bams and Bear at

Our dearest brother Shaun Cecil is certainly in need of our prayers also. 
A couple of weeks ago, his father lost his battle with cancer.  Please
feel free to email Shaun and his family with your loving kindness at

There's nothing like prayer or good news to keep the soul inspired or
enlightened!!!  Don't forget to send your PRAYER REQUESTS or MORE GOOD
NEWS to ME ONLY at (


9)  POEMS OF THE WEEK - I thought the world had let me down because no
one heard my lonely echo.  But he heard my cries and was my only hope. 
Sitting at my feet in the midnight hour, my lover's hands stroked
unconditional love back into my soul.  

This week's open mike performers are:

     MY LOVER'S  HANDS by Navita Gunter 
     SITTING AT MY FEET by FireXFlesh 
     IN THE MIDNIGHT HOUR by Bridgette Alyce 
     LONELY ECHO by Jacqueline McKay 
     THE WORLD HAS LET YOU DOWN by Ajani Kush 
     OUR ONLY HOPE by Eddie Allen 
     UNCONDITIONAL by Bridget Narcisse 

Thank you FEATURED POETS.  Your words are JUST LOVELY!!!  Check out POEMS
OF THE WEEK 58 at (, and please feel free to send your
love and comments directly to the featured poets.


10)  YEAR-END BLUES BLUE - Two of the most important lessons I learned
this year was listening to my inner voice and valuing my strengths.  But
as the old year slips away bringing with it the hope and promise of a new
year, I am both depressed and grateful.  Depressed, only because I feel
that I didn't accomplish many of the goals I scribbled in my journal on
December 31, 1998.  Saddened, only because of the number of friends and
family members I will miss because they crossed over into God's loving
arms and gained the infinite knowledge of life's purpose.  And, I'm
somewhat angry with myself for not always being attentive to my personal

However, the New Year does bring with it the possibility of wealth gained
through knowledge and happiness achieved from the sincerity and purity of
love.  Therefore, I am beyond grateful for every second I'm given to
reflect on how to alter my direction in life; how to make a difference in
the lives of those who enter my nurturing space; how to respect the
sanctity of life; and how to be "still" long enough to enjoy the million
and one second chances God has given me to rejoice.  Year-end blues?  NO! 
I should just take pleasure in looking up and enjoying the "The Color

thanks for all the Christmas cards, telephone calls and emails wishing me
the same.  Your generosity has brought me to tears! 

Below is moni's Poem of the Week.  Your comments are always welcomed and
greatly appreciated.  Until we meet again!

much love



It was plain to see to those looking in
His slight of hand
Her eye contact
Their whispered thoughts
Both satisfied
His passion for her
Her undeniable expressions
Their lives forever changed
Both quenched
His prayers answered
Her cup overflowing
The purity of their pledge
  Was unmistakable

Monica D. Blache (c) 1999

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