The Poets Niche In The News!

Through the tireless efforts of Monica Blache, "the really nice person who keeps things running smoothly at the Poets Niche", our unique family is getting much publicity across the nation! Stay up to date with Moni's whirlwind tour and catch her rising star on radio, internet and tv!

(If you are affiliated with a radio, internet or television program and would like to have Moni or Walt appear to talk about the fun exciting things happening in the Poets Niche, drop us an "e" at , or

Here are a few of her recent appearances.

Radio interviews:

1) Q93 hosted by CJ Morgan's Morning Show, interviewed on January 5, 1999
2) Quality Time with Monique Pierre on Q93, interviewed on January 19, 1999.


 On January 5, 1999, I had my first radio interview on Q93 here in New Orleans. A friend of mine (CJ Morgan, New Orleans' top deejay) called me in between commercials and asked me to share with his audience information about Poets Niche. With only 19 seconds to go, moni was on the air LIVE!!! (Somewhere between 16 seconds and 0, I lost consciousness). I tried REALLY, REALLY HARD not to embarrass y'all (although I did forget my name for a second until I heard CJ say it). His co-anchor, Monica Pierre (NOW Y'ALL KNOW I LIKEDDDD HER, cause of that Monica thang), chimed in and made me feel very comfortable. Those TWO MINUTES felt like a week, but I must say I recovered quite nicely. So what happened next? I became an INFOMERCIAL QUEEN, telling folks how much fun we're having and how they can become a member.

From just two minutes of babbling, 14 people called to find out more about the Poets Niche. Of those 14 calls, 2 joined. SAY HELLO, if you haven't already, to poet and songwriter, Tina Marie Clark, (; and performance poet, Monique Nichole Fradieu ( Monique will be performing on January 16th at the Community Bookstore (and I'll definitely be there checkin' my gurl out).

In the meantime, here's what Monica Pierre said: "You really expressed your vision well on Q 93 this week. I received a couple of calls from people very interested in what you are doing. . . Please give me a call to arrange an interview on my Sunday morning talk show, Quality Time with Monica Pierre.