poems of the week

by Tasha T.

My unattainable dream
sittin there, eyes burnin
my soul.
I can't concentrate on anything
but your smile.
You make my otherwise intellectual tounge
turn to stone, I can no longer speak,
only dream cause speaking in front of
an angel such as yourself seems like a
sin, I listen to your voice and even
a simple word such as 'hello' seems
like poetry.
My unattainable dream, you coat my
wishes with silver amd lace my thoughts
with diamonds. I hear what your heart
is wispering and I know what you want
because I want the same.
You've got me bent,
wrapped up in a dream,

"The Greeting" by Shawn Goins

I observe you walking toward me
As far as my eyes can see
Could it be you're my enemy
Who's trying to get to me

Could it be that you're that brother
Who wants to shake my hand because you understand the plan
We have to uncover to get along with one another

Steadly we approach

As we get near, in my heart there is no fear
For I sense our souls becoming the same
We travel down the same road, society has taken the same toll
On our race; we pick up the pace, soon we'll be face to face

We are getting closer

The vibe I feel is getting stronger; no longer do my mind wander or
ponder about the thoughts evil sought to place in my mind
I am too strong
Our struggles are the same, the pain we feel is being left in the rain
For years but no fears
A new light shines on our horizon

We are face to face

We acknowledge one another with a nod
As soon as our eyes meet, we speak to greet each other
You are my brother

When Is? by Patricia Smith

When is a feeling not a feeling?
When it was never expressed in the first place..

When is an expression not an expression?
When it was never acted out of love...

When is an action not an action?
When it was never thought upon...

When is a thought not a thought?
When it was never conceived with love...

So, when are these things when they are not?
Only in the mind one knows for sure....

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