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ISSUE NO. 13 - Jan 4, 1999 - moni's 1st top 10 for 1999

                       !!!HAPPY FIRST MONDAY OF 1999!!!

                "When it comes to words, it is a matter of 
                     who's to be Master, that's all."
                                Humpty Dumpty



Tell us a little bit about yourself? (hobbies, age, birthday).

"Well, my name is Shawn Antonio Goins. I am a 25 year old black male residing in Chicago (Westside!!) I have one brother who is 28 and no sisters. I am also the proud father of a 3 year old boy whom I couldn't imagine life without. He is my sun that warms up my soul and I love him very much. My birthday is August 3 (Leo). I really don't have any hobbies but I have a variety of interest that include shopping, writing, reading, going to the movies, going to plays and cultural events, and of course spending time with my son. I work as a test engineer. I write programs for SCSI connectors (for those who know networks and computers). I have a A.A.S. in electronics and a B.S. in technical management. I am now in the process of working on my masters in project management."

When did you start writing?

"I first started writing when I was about 10 years old. I was in fifth grade at the time and my class had to write a book. I have a certificate for it from the Young Authors Association. I enjoyed it so much that I continued to write."

How do you come up with ideas for your poems?

"I come up with my ideas from my life experiences. Every poem I write is about me in one way or form. I can't write about anything I don't know, so who knows me better than me. I think about certain situations that bother me and I write about them."

Is there one particular writer (known or unknown) who you admire and inspires you to write?

"I am a HUGE Donald Goines fan. He was the main reason why I love reading. I love his wording and writing style. I can really relate to the things he write about."

Do you have any peculiar habits (like writing with a certain color pen, or you can only write facing north) when you finally sit down to write?

"I tap my pen on the desk when I write."

What time of the day does the writing bug hit or you feel more productive to create your thought provoking poetry?

"I don't have a time of day when I write. I write when something is on my mind and I need to get it out."

Have you published a book a poetry? If so, how can we put our hands on a copy. If not, do you have any plans to publish a book a poetry?

"I am in the process of trying to get it published now. If anyone knows any good publishers, let me know :o)"

How did you find out about the Poets Niche?

"I received an e-mail from Walt (I think). You know, when they have a random e-mail list and you just sent them (poems) out."

What does being a member of the Poets Niche mean to you?

"I love being a member of the Poets Niche. I like the diverse style of writing and wording. Everyone says the same thing but they put their own little twist to it."

What goals do you still have to accomplish with regard to your writing, and where do you see yourself in the next five years?

"Hopefully, I can get published in 1999. I want to try and get some people I know to write a book also. I know a lot of good poets (Angela) and I would hate to see their talents go to waste. In 5 years, I see myself as a well established and carefree person. I want and I'm going to be successful in whatever I do and I want everyone around me to do the same thing. I'm also looking into opening a center for single fathers, where they can socialize and interact with each other." THANKS SHAWN!!!

3) POSITIVE THINKING brings positive results! So what are you thinking about?

Think About It by E. Yvonne Chase, Inspirational Artist

What are you thinking about right now at this very moment? Think about it!

Is it something positive or negative? Think about it!

Are you thinking about what an idiot your boss is or how you can't stand one of your co-workers? Think about it!

Are you thinking about your bills, how you're going to pay them? Think about it!

Do you ever stop and think about what you think about? What kind of thoughts fills your mind within a 24-hour period? Think about it!

Most of us spend the majority of our days beating ourselves up with negative thoughts. When we do this, our minds will totally magnify these negative thoughts and make them a reality in our lives. Do you ever notice that the more you focus on what you don't have the more lack you create in your life? The more you focus on all the bad relationships you've had the more bad relationships you create? The more you complain about your boss or the people on your job, the more irritating they become to you? Think about it!

Let us start our days off by thanking God for what he has blessed us with and trusting him to work out all of the details in our lives. Proverbs 23:7 says, "For as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he."

What are you thinking about? Think about it!

4) ATTENTION POETS! BlackWords Inc. ( is now accepting submissions for a new and pithy anthology of inspirational, humorous, political, and love poems. Poems submitted should be a maximum of 30 lines. Any form of verse haiku, free verse, etc.). They prefer to keep it on the positive and uplifting side. Poetry needs to be sent in no later than May 1, 1999. Accepted poets will be notified by September 1, 1999. For emailed submissions, include your poem(s) in the email message, and not as an attachment. Please send submissions to: Angela Boykin, (Tell Kwame or Angela that moni from the Poets Niche sent you)!! GOOD LUCK!

5) FRIENDS OF KWAME TURE (formerly Stokley Carmichael) - an event honoring our dearly departed brother, Kwame Ture, is scheduled for 2:00PM on January 9, 1999 at Riverside Church in New York City. Call D. William (Winky) Hall at (973) 761-0144 or check out ( for details.

6) Our own John Riddick, Editor of Rhapsody in Black, is back on-line with a totally redesigned website. Give him a look see at ( GOOOOOOO JOHN!!!

7) One of our new members, RODNEY COATES, has his own website. Check out his site at ( and sign his guestbook. Tell him moni sent you! THIS BROTHA IS BAD!

8) THIS MONTH IS FILLED WITH LOTS OF BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS. SOOO, if I somehow found out about your birthday (YOUR SO-CALLED FRIENDS TOLD ME), then there's nothing left for me to do but TELL EVERYONE ELSE!!! This week, the one and only MS. DEVINE, that's LENORA DEVINE, will need your help or the FIRE DEPARTMENT to BLOW OUT ALL HER CANDLES on January 6th. I saw the gurl's driver's license and God is just six months older than her. JOIN ME IN WISHING LENORA, (a retired standup comedian) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Please feel free to send cards, wheelchair assistance, and well wishes to LeNora at (


SOUL OF THIS MAN by Shawn A. Goins -
(as he puts it, this poem sums up his life)
WHAT IS SUCCESS by Shawn A. Goins -
NO MORE TEARS by Robin C. Porter -
ONE MOMENT IN TIME by Rodney Coates -
by Amaziah Thompkins -

TALK ABOUT STARTING 1999 OFF WITH SOME POWERFUL WORDS. Check out POEMS OF THE WEEK 19 at ( and free feel to send your love and support to our featured poets.

10) IN SEARCH OF SATISFACTION is the title of one of J. California Cooper's books. In the author's notes, she writes, "I cannot think of anyone - any age, any color, any sex - who is not in search of satisfaction . . . TIME is to be used to build our minds, our tool to get to some satisfaction. We are building our minds, our values, as we find what will give us satisfaction, how to get it, how to keep it. Our minds decide the quality of our lives . . . do not depend on anyone else for your happiness. Happiness is something a person acquires for themselves with their energy and the tools of their mind . . . Make your own happiness inside yourself and, when you have enough to share, find someone to share it with . . . Move on to seek, to find what you need . . . in the search for satisfaction."

If you're not satisfied with your life, STOP COMPLAINING or BLAMING others. First, ask God for direction and He'll put you on the right path. Then, make those changes in your life that satisfy YOUR needs. My wish for all of YOU in 1999 is that YOU FIND SATISFACTION!!!

1998 was a year of many losses for me. I dedicate moni's poem of the week to Myra Pierre, and to three of the women who have crossed over to the other side. And even though I'll miss dearly, I know one thing for sure. NOT EVEN DEATH WILL SEPARATE US. They will ALWAYS be watching over me. Your comments are always welcomed and greatly appreciated.

much love moni


            OTHER MOTHERS

Back in my day, my family tree extended to the 
neighborhood women -- Ms. Dorothy, Ms. Mary, 
Ms. Nellie, Nanny Joyce, Ma Barbara, Aunt Janice, 
Nanny Lil, Ms. Audrey, and Ma Bell.

The neighborhood kids feared this private club 
of the Neighborhood Mothers because if one mother 
knew, you best believe they all knew.

Once out the door, these surrogate mothers took over 
when she wasn't there, which meant I didn't dare.

We shared something thicker than blood, they had 
her okay, which meant I had no say.  

They didn't need to preach because they each had 
their own discipline technique.  

Ms. Dorothy's watchful eye. 
Aunt Janice's homemade pies.

Ms. Audrey's loving prayers.
Ms. Mary was always there.

Nanny Lil who gave me a choice.
Ms. Nellie's soft-spoken voice.

Ma Barbara who trusted my decisions.
Nanny Joyce's words of wisdom.

And, Ma Bell's open arms when I was far 
away from home.

These women powdered and diapered my bottom.  
They fed and clothed me.  They bandaged my 
many bruises and kissed my tears. They held me 
near, erasing any fear.  They saw me in school 
plays, and celebrated on my wedding day.

They loved me like their own; making their home 
my home.  They've given me a lifetime of love.  
How could I not succeed with all these wonderful 
women guiding me?

And although years, distance, and death may separate 
us, I want them to know how much I love them.

They're like no other.  These women are my special mothers.

Monica D. Blache (c) 


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