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poems of the week


Longing for the sunshine,
Three hundred and sixty-five days a year.
Tired of the cold winter wind,
Drying and itching this Black Skin.
Want to feel the rays of the Caribbean Sun,
Penetrating and stimulating this Melanin Skin.

I'm tired of dreaming of warm summer nights,
While freezing under the winter moonlight.
Want to stand on the beach,
With the burning sand beneath My feet,
Tempting Me to take a swim in the big blue sea. 

Ready to return to a place where the air is fresh
And clean, where I can enjoy the sounds in
The dew filled air: song birds singing, cocks crowing,
Dogs barking.  A place where I can rise early, to
Smile with the Rising Sun, to Give Thanks And

David L. Weeks -


You are My strength, My Black Woman.
Without You, weakness destroys My spirit.
Your natural divinity brings out the 
Fullness of My being.  Separated We are
Incomplete,  united We are Gods and Goddesses.
I am Your Man, You are My Black Woman.

You are My Mother, My Black Woman.
Your presence is imperative for My existence 
To be.  Co-creator You are, and the wisest of 
All teachers; I can only dream to be like You.
You were ordained by GOD to care for and
Nourish Me, that I may fulfill My destiny.
I am Your Son, You are My Black Woman.

You are My Sister, My Black Woman.
The most beautiful woman to Me.
The strongest of all beings, I bow in honor
To You.  The sands of time has come and gone,
Yet You have stood that I may not fall.
Yet, with all Your strength and beauty, I must
Still stand to protect Your femininity.
I am Your Brother, You are My Black Woman.

You are My Black Woman,
The One that understands Me.
I lift You up on a mountain high,
For all the world to see who strengthens 
David L. Weeks -


If Only For One Moment
I Would Like For You To Be Mine
For Us To Belong To Each Other
To Take Your Hands In My Hands
Make Our Union Divine

I Want To Lye Next To You
To Feel Your Energy
And For You To Feel Mine
To Shiver In Ecstasy As We Touch
Experience The Pleasures
Of One Another

For One Moment In Time
I Would Like To Feel Your Body
Pressing Against Mine
To Hold You In My Arms 
To Know And To Love 
Everything About You

I Want To Make Love To You
Mentally Spiritually And Physically
To Experience All That Is You
For You To Experience All Of Me

If Only
For One Moment 
In Time
I Would Like To Taste Your Sweetness
Your Black Sweetness
To Get High
High From The Smell 
Of Your Black Aroma
Black Juices
The Taste Of Sweet Nectar
I Take A Sip Of You
You Take A Sip Of Me

Open Wide 
Your Pearl Gates
Your Golden Bridge
Let Me Enter Your Heaven
You Can Sit On My Throne
And Feel The Power
Of My Golden Scepter
You Can Rule My Kingdom
Take Full Control
Feel The Warmth
Of My Liquid Essence
Feel My Joy
Feel My Spirit

Oh Yes
For Just One Moment
In Time
Let Us Satisfy 
Our Primal Needs
On A Higher Level
Let Us Share
With Each Other
The Sacredness                                                                                                       
Of Making Love                                                                                                    

David L. Weeks -


We were captured in the innerlands
And taken to the edge of the sea;
With chains around Our ankles and necks
We traveled from point A to point B.
With all roads leading to the west, We 
Journeyed towards the white man's destiny.
We Can No Longer Hold Our Peace!

Packed in the holes of ships and made 
Lower than beasts, We were headed to
Anchor in the west.  Sailing across the 
Atlantic and suffering at sea, some of Us
Made it, and some of Us jumped ship, but 
Billions of Us didn't make it.
We Can No Longer Hold Our Peace!

Stolen from Afrika Our Motherland, the 
White man had to continue his evil plan.
He stripped Our Names from Our Spirits,
Ripped Our Culture from Our Souls, and
Drained Our-Story from Our Veins.  They
Then destroyed Our Black Family taking 
Away Our Afrikan Nationality.
We Can No Longer Hold Our Peace!

They worked Us so hard from can't see                                        
In the Morning to can't see at night,
Slowly chipping away at the bond between
My Brother and Me.  We ran like hell to 
Escape from hell, but everywhere We went
We ended up in the same old hell.
We Can No Longer Hold Our Peace!

The emancipation proclamation was 
Supposedly written for Us, but it was
Only a lie, just a political strategy.
We have fought in every war throughout 
America's history and what the hell have 
They done for Us But kept Us in mental
Slavery; what the hell have they done for 
Us but set their dogs on Us; what the hell
Have they done for Us but assassinate Martin
And Malcolm; what the hell have they done 
For Us but turned Brothers against Brothers
And Sisters against sisters...; what the hell 
Have they done for Us but continue to 
Miseducate Us; what the hell have they done 
For Us?
We Can No Longer Hold Our Peace! 

David L. Weeks -


The Man standing on the hill, dwelling in the peacefulness
Of the countryside, looks towards the city.
He sees His People with no chains around Their feet, but
Still they're not free.
He sees His People in the bondage of drugs, alcohol, ignorance,

He sits and meditates with the wind, teaching Himself to become
One with nature, that He may increase His Overstanding 
Trying to live Righteously He strives to do the things that are
Right, and not judging others actions right or wrong.

As He sits by the still waters, He tries to envision the Glory
Of His Ancestor's Land.  Knowing the impossibility of living in
The past, He seeks an answer for His Peoples present situation
Through the Truths found in His Peoples True-story.

Through The Earth He nourishes His Physical Being; He cooks up
An Ital or Bubbles a Yaba Pot.
He smokes Ganja and gets High, most people can't understand why.
Taking a sip from a Chalice then passing it to His brethren, He
Gathers with Them in a Groundation, giving attentive Ears
To The Elders.

He sings Reggae Music and chants Rasta Music; goes to the river
Or ocean to wash His Dreads; greets His Sisthren and Brethren,
Princess, Queen, Mother Afrika, Roots,Yes I, RasTafarI.
Dreaming of World Solidarity, He knows it will never become a
Reality until His People Come Together In True Unity.

He is forever speaking of Zion, always giving Thanks and Praises 
Beating His Niyabingi Drums, He chants, "Death To All Black And 
White Oppressors."  He lets The Locks Of His Hair GROW,
Displaying the mark of a Nazarite.  He vows to separate Himself
Unto THE CREATOR, that He may do the Will of THE CREATOR, and 
Live in accord with THE CREATOR.

David L. Weeks -


Everyone is looking to Heaven for 
The answer, but they are looking for
Heaven in the wrong place.  They
Are waiting for a Man to fall from 
The sky; they are watching for a
Mirage In The Sky.

Everyone is on a journey trying to 
Get to Heaven, but they are traveling
Towards the land of milk and honey.
They are dreaming of building a
kingdom in the sky; they are seeking a
Mirage In The Sky.

Everyone wants to go to Heaven to live
Their life there after, but they are all
Quick sprinters running a losing race.
They are all wondering how high they'll
Be able to fly; they are hoping for a
Mirage In The Sky.

No one can wait to reach Heavens gate,
But when they get there they'll be too late;
It was only a Mirage In The Sky.

No one can wait to walk those streets of gold,
But when they take a step they'll fall in a hole;
It was only a Mirage In The Sky.

David L. Weeks -

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