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poems of the week

Enjoy these poems and please email the poets (where applicable) and give them some feedback!

I am starting to get ready for our first date.
What dress will I wear to make you bring me near?
I have to make sure my hair is right so I will keep you in my sight.
Love of others have slowly dwindled away as I await to start our very 
first date.  I start to think back to when we met the romance in your 
eyes the emotions to me that were sent.  The deep smell of your cologne, 
the gentle put arousing scent.
I am getting ready for the first date.
I wonder if I'll be good enough for you.
If I will be what you expected, what you want, what you need.
Did you say yes because you felt sorry for me
Or do I really stand a chance?
Tonight I'll find out.  Tonight will be my first chance to see what's 
inside you.  My first chance to view a bit of your soul.
To see if love is in your heart.
To see if I can make you mine.
I am also wondering what you are thinking how would a one on 
one be with you.  If the words that come from your tongue will 
be true. Will two hearts beat as one or will they dance, souls 
untouched without  any fun. . .Will I look into your eyes and fall 
into your soul or will my thoughts for you go untold.  Will the door 
ring on time or will you keep me waiting, and play with my mind?    
Time will soon be here when you will come to me and I will know 
if you truly care (you see). . .I have put on my armor to make sure 
my heart which is made of silver and gold will be protected so 
my love for you will not unfold. . .I know this is only a first date, 
a new start, but I have to make sure all you are after is my heart!  
I ring the bell and stand back from the door
At this moment I cannot do more.
I have prepared myself to sweep you off your feet
But all that is lost when your beautiful eyes I meet
You hair is done up to accentuate your eyes, 
Your dress is a shimmering gown with a split up one thigh
Your beauty radiates like the moon in the night sky
The stars lose there brilliance as I look in your eyes
Your quiet beauty captivates me, your grace enchants my soul
But through all of the glitter, and through all of the gold
I long to see the part that you've hidden
The part I value, the part that cares
I want to see if in your heart I will find love there.
You enter the room, I am shaking within. Are you here for my mind or 
out for my skin.  The first hug was God sent me on my way made me
feel good that you were with me today.  The look in your eyes so
soft so gentle so kind so mild.  But back in my mind I am still
living back in time of loves that started off so great and then within 
the course of time turned sour from the first to the last date. . . I 
will  give it a try. . .No, I will not get caught up in I'm your woman and
you are my man. . .I will try to take it slow and see how it goes. . . And 
take the date as going out with a precious man and not have the attitude 
that I know what I know. . .So show me what you came here for, is it me
that you want to endure. . .my mind, my soul is an open door for those who 
had the key don't claim it no more. . .but when you step out my door
remember my mind is sharper than an two-edge sword. . .Watch your 
words and make sure your hands you claim because a date with me is like 
riding on an endless train. . .Make sure you bring your emotions,
don't leave them out in the rain. . . let's go. . .
So now we depart, we are on our way
To make history, to make a start, to begin anew.
We are blazing a trail through both of our souls
Will the trail stay clear or become overgrown?
Will we find, at the end of our trek, love
Or pain?
Will the fire of desire be doused by a bitter rain?
I don't know what will happen as we set out on our first date,
But I do know we need to hurry we are running late!!
We need time to eat, and time to talk.
Time holding hands as we walk through a dark park.
Will you let me hold you close? Will you try to understand?
Will you look in my eyes and see I can be your man?
I long to know what secrets you hold in your mind,
What you hold in your heart, what you hold in your soul
What will I find as we walk back to your door?
OK, we are in your car, a surprise place you are taking me is 
it near or far. . .Driving along making small talk and I am
looking in your eyes thinking ok once again I am making a
brand new start.  What will this night hold, will you let me 
go at my own pace taking it nice and slow?  I find myself 
falling within the small talk of your eyes your cologne and 
getting caught up in a danger zone. . .I know I have to 
keep my cool and leave you distant and play by 
my own rules. . .I can't take a chance of maybe jumping to
any conclusions and making myself feel like a fool. . .Your
heart seems so tender, so mellow, so kind . . .are you the jewel 
I have been looking to find?  I roll down the window to feel  
the breeze trying to make myself feel at ease. How will it           
begin or how will it end?  Will I come up with nothing but a            
pleasant friend or will the fire that comes from the sun mend         
my heart with yours and make us one? 

So now that we are on our way to the place we should be
What are you thinking, what do you see?
Do you see a man who could be more than a friend?
Do you see a fiend who's out for your skin?
Or do you see a heart that is faithful and true?
Who would rather tear down the sky
Than ever hurt you?
I don't know.
We drive on in silence, drive on through the rain
We pass a little park and I'm struck in the brain
Let's forget about the date, let's forget about the 
formality of it all.
Let's just let our hearts guide us.
Let our spirits make the call.
So as I stop the car in the park on the way,
I only hope that this works out okay.
That my gamble will pay off, that you will see in me
someone to trust, someone to love, someone who cares
and would never let you fall.
Can you see this in my eyes as we sit on a bench in the park?
With the sun in the sky and warmth at my feet I sit on the bench
with the one so unique. . .My smile is so bright and your 
tone is so pure. . .is it that you are the one I would like to endure?
The sweet smell of the humble summer breeze flows through my 
hair and puts me at ease. . .When I look at you now and think of you
then I would like to know what are you really out for?  Why a man so 
sweet so wonderful, so kind, so beautiful . . .does he already have 
one or more?  I wish right now I could read your mind to let me know 
if I am wasting my time. . .The truth that I would like to know is screaming 
from inside, watching you as you smile at me.  Is it only my body that you
would like to glide?  Questions that I would like to know about how do you
feel that most relationships go?  Is it only a friend you need or are you 
trying to plant a new seed?  I  look in your eyes and try to touch into your 
soul to try to figure out what knowledge you hold. . .I know that I am ready 
now to begin to start  off slow and to be real friends. . .the needs I have for 
now I will store and bring them  out one by one to make sure that I will 
stay safe and real and to make you  know how I really feel. . .I promise 
you I wouldn't rush you to be on a endless journey struggling to break 
free. . .Look in my eyes and feel my warmth.  Sit back and feel my care 
within.  Now you know you have a friend.  Touch my smile with your soul 
so my qualities won't go untold. . . and feel my cool gentle style that you have 
not had quite in a while! 

James London ( and 
Taheba "Sunshine" Byrd (
(c) 1998


Love is
an eternal
to one
to never
that one 
and never
allow harm 
to befall
that one

Love is 
being honest 
with one 
one with 
your heart 
and allowing
one to 
expose the
depths of 
ones soul

Love is
to one,
fully, completely
of your 
very being 
letting one
inside your
mind, body
and soul

Love is 
being with 
one till
the long
night ends
becoming one
with one 
one desire
one passion
one love

Love is 
with one 
forever and 
a day 
loving one 
with endless
to one.......

James London ( and 
Tasha Tavaras (
(c) 1998

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