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poems of the week

Enjoy these poems and please email the poets (where applicable) and give them some feedback!

Thank You

Father, I just want to thank you
For the tears I've shed
I want to thank you for the days 
I thought I would be better off dead
I want to thank you for the friends 
Who were really foes
Lord knows, Lord knows, Lord you know
I wanted to quit a long time ago
But I thank you for giving me the strength to carry on
I thank you for family members who have done me wrong
I thank you for the pain 
Thank you for the hardships
Thank you for the rain
I thank you for the obstacles 
That have been place in my way
I thank you for the problems that come everyday
For now I realize that all the Hell I've been through
Has only caused me to draw that much closer to you

Demeterius Smith aka Flite (c) - 

"God Bless The Child"
(to L.O.M.)

God bless the child who's haunted by ghosts...
Running away from home won't run you away from self.
Child, this world ain't been perfect 
since the picking of the forbidden,
as I'm sure you already know.
But people do love you--you've got a whole family--
even though they aren't all blood, and God above you,
below you, around you, within you...
What's gotten into you?
Turning people's souls inside out.
You haven't got a clue as to what this ol' evil world will do to you.
And yet you're running for it with open arms,
While others
wait and watch and pray and grieve
and hope and yearn and still believe
that you'll come home and things will get better.
Because without you
your mother has lost a daughter;
your brother, a sister
your auntie, a niece
and Snow, even Snow must miss ya.
And who will I leave to get grapes for?--
But return only with oranges, apples, Chick-Fil-A fries
and herb-fortified juices because there were no grapes?
And, who will tell me that they don't want the juice
because they like grapes but not the juice that tastes like grapes?
All those roles-
daughter, sister, niece, dog torturer and grape seeker
can only be filled by you.
So we're waiting for you tom come home.
Nights ago, I came in your room to make sure that
you weren't too hot or too cold
and to hear you breathe.
But now I hope that you aren't breathing too hard
from all that running
From Yourself.
So if you come back,
I promise that you can be whoever you are
and I still won't think you're crazy.
And you can write how you'd like
and you can talk with your tongue
and sometimes, I'll even let you slide on your patience 
But I won't let you suck your thumb.
And I won't tell your 12 year old mind
lies about vinegar killing the already planted sperm
or throw your poems away
and we can draw all types of flowers
in the color lime-green and build your self-esteem.
Because that's really the problem...
or so it seems...
God bless the child who's haunted by ghosts.

Tracy Evans (c) -


I awoke this morning only 
to find life is 
the recycled garbage of someoneís yesterday.
And I gathered my sewerage;
and I took the baggage with me
into my dream
into my world
in a corner somewhere.

Padmore Agbemabiese (c) -


Let me tap the wonders of your spirit
Let me help you remember who you are
Remember when we were one in each other
Shining brighter than the evening star

Let me take you along the highway
Where love is the unconditional fare
Let me show you the gifts of heaven
So you remember you came from there

Let me help you to remember
A time when everything was one
Before the earth was formed by thunder
Before the stars, planets and suns

Let me show you there's no difference
Between the creator and yourself
For when you truly do remember
You'll never want to be anything else

You'll remember your creations
You'll remember just who you are
You'll remember you gave yourself permission 
To know the vastness of your heart

There is no love that's greater
There is no space or place in time
Better than the one that's present
For you to understand your mind

Your mind will create the impossible
Your body will implement the plan
Your heart is there to know the difference
Between what is Godself and what is man

Shatina (c) -


If you could hear my heart
you would never want to play another love song.

If your hand touched my hand
our fingers could write a love story.

If your eyes met mine
you could see our future without using the lenses of reality.

If your mind understood my mind
we could create the formula for eternal bliss.

If your spirit danced with my spirit
we could choreograph a routine far more elegant than Swan Lake.

If your willingness to love stopped by the pond of my tears
we could promise each other an unconditional romance.

If you let your guard down
I'll knock my wall out of the way.

If I'm here when you decide to come home
it will still be too late, because I needed you three IF's ago!!

Mocha Cobham-Hawkins (c) -

little drummer girl

keeping in mind that
one of Life's most heinous phrases is
i nonetheless cogitate the verb "to be"

what if,
instead of telling little miss rose,
"No.  You cannot play drums next Sunday.
Young ladies don't do that in God's House"...

what if,
instead of skipping yet another class
to hang out with desi...

what if,
instead of conveniently "forgetting"
to go to that dreadful clinic
for those godawful shots...

what if,
instead of acquiescing
when her son was supposed to become mine...

but o my dear,
is just too silly.

diggit: what if what if had come to be?
you wouldn't be reading this right now.

Rose "BamBam" Cooper (c) -

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