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poems of the week

Enjoy these poems and please email the poets (where applicable) and give them some feedback!


On this road called life
I've encountered trials &tribulations
enriched with strife
Over these bounds I leaped
At times, I stumbled but....
still onward I creeped
Hopefully, along the way
I gave my friends something to remember me by
In short, some soul to keep
People really don't realize
that how one greets,
the people one meets,
the accomplishment of some amazing feat, 
or even the content of the words you speak
Is the meaning of and the very way you give people......
Some soul to keep

Dear friends!!
Dear friends of mine,
those who I truly hold dear
give me one last second and
lend me your ear
So I can tell you, "Don't be afraid
and have no fear, 
cause I'm in a better place
filled with harmony and cheer.
So don't think of me as gone
because I'll always be quite near"
All you have to do is close your eyes
and open your ears
because with every passing tear
and with every written word the reader speaks
I'm still there giving you......
Some soul to keep
Now that I've gone away
from this material plain
Don't frown or look upon my passing with disdain
Just Remember.........
Just remember one thing
that doesn't come cheap
That within every tear that you weep
Is something that I gave you...............

Donald Conley (c) -


Life.  Life is but a drop of water, it moves
Swiftly, then it is gone.  We must live life
To its fullest, but We must live it Righteously.
No One can live life perfectly, that's why
We must live it in GOD'S LIGHT.  We must be 
Obedient and Submissive to GOD'S WILL for Us.
We must cherish life and try to keep it for a 
Long time.  Life.  Life is but a drop of water,
It moves swiftly, then it is gone.
David Weeks (c) -

Inspeech life, love and faith

Listen, lend me an ear an put ya soul in focus
Whos blazin darts at ya hart Raps swarmin like the locusts
Seekin light is ya purpose in a world dark off its surface
This spiritual warfares a cold-blooded consciousness circus
You don't pay to get in nor do you slide by the entrance
It's a givin as an inevitable aspect of livin
The streets will never love you only hurt you cause they hate you
tryin times will cold snuff ya out  and try ta rape you
stand strong in my faith onto the gate narrow and straight
on the battlefield love is my shield against arrows of hate
Conflicting, steppin-out on my deepest convictions
Soul fishin inside I vision a fruitful premonition
It's a blessin for self to be lessened for the givin
So mental the message on a spiritual we thrive
Leave you emotionally motivated on the social we multiply

Rashim Bradley (c) -


Daylight is a special time of day
One where peace and happiness come to play
Joy and excitement of night have long passed
Relaxing at breakfast as a family at last
it is also a symbol of a new beginning
Showin that you can start over, a brand new time
That mistakes can be forgotten with the passin of a new day
And life will go on, no matter the obstacles you must climb
A chance to once more be delighted and free
Because one more sunrise you are blessed to see
Daylight continues like most patterns do
To show a person that livin goes on too

Eric Egerson (c) -

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