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poems of the week

Enjoy these poems and please email the poets (where applicable) and give them some feedback!

Monica D. Blache
(c) 1997 (BlacheMD)

Hush, husband. Don't rush what we have a
lifetime to share. Your patience shall
be rewarded.

Kiss me gently and swear no one shall ever
come between us. I'm breathless at the sight
of what stands before me. A vision of
unadulterated maleness.

Now, behold what is yours, which no other has
ever had. Don't be fooled by my innocence,
for I have been patient too. My gift to you
is to be your every fantasy.

Lie beside me and soothe my inhibitions.
Pull me closer and whisper I love you to
quench my fears. I summon you to shower
me with ecstasy.

I shall watch your face express your every
intention. My doors are opened for you to
stroke me in places solely reserved for my
husband to penetrate.

Surrender your masculinity deeper and deeper.
Our bodies are precisely intertwined. Gasping
only to breathe your air, our racing hearts
will erupt in
explicit pleasure.

Your touch has renewed my faith in love. The
morning sunlight will reignite our climactic
wedding night. This prelude of love signifies
our pledge as husband and wife.

He has sanctioned this expression of intimacy
-- so all is right.

by James London

If beauty were
The sky
Your eyes would be
Shining down on
Me with love
All through the
Dark night
If beauty were
The sky
Your smile would
Be a ray of
Brightening my dreary
And warming
My lonely heart
If beauty were
The sky
Your kiss would
Be the gentle wind
Touching me tenderly
With a gentle caress
Leaving a sweet taste
Upon my lips
If beauty were
The sky
Your hair would
Be the clouds
Soft and silky
Tangible yet
Existing as
Part of a
If beauty were
The sky
You would be
The open blue
Insurmountable in your
Scope of loveliness
Untouchable in
Your pristine
In your
If beauty were
The sky
You would be
All this
And more
A natural beauty
Comely in your
Perfect grace
My one

by Rashim "the DreaM" Bradley

Im over obstacles,
im leapin these walls in a single bound,
On the road to victory-the mind's a terrible thing to waste
Waste down in quicksand face down,
we must keep the spirit up, the struggle cant break me down
deep thoughts tend to erupt spewing emotions hot as lava
" what's life "dealing - simply cause i'm livin..
A man fighting flesh with flesh until death
Its hard to save lives if self can't realize
Its a spiritual battle between whats seen and whats not
All these trials and tribulations might tend ta get ya down
But i'm living - I hold the keys to turn my life around
though were obligated to struggle and subjected to strife,
the light down at the end of the tunnel's,my LORD,
arms wide open telling me to seek him and he'll be there
assuring an everlasting life........

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