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poems of the week

Enjoy these poems and please email the poets (where applicable) and give them some feedback!

      THE (1ST) KISS

For so long--it was my only wish
then with storm clouds overhead
It happened!!  The Kiss

Soft, sweet, & inviting were your 
lips & with a peck my heart began 

Then as we were in our tongue tied 
debate the nervousness melted away &
I became solely focused in our embrace

It's funny--up to that point of the night, 
it wasn't something I missed

But don't get me wrong!! I 'm glad it happened..........
Our first Kiss

       (C) 1998 Donald Conley Jr.


360 Degrees
Sweet, Honey Dipped Chocolate,
Taste me In Your Mind.
Silky Smooth - Sleek - Golden Bronzed Skin,
My Aura Lights The Day - Illuminates The Night.
Truth Shines Through My Eyes...
My Loins Have Borne The Nations,
My Waters Sustaining All.
I Am Life.
Without Me -- There Is No Other.
All Men Seek the Shelter Of My Thighs...
See My Face, Hear My Voice --
Listen To The Rhythm Of My Heartbeat!
Know My Spirit, This Is Where You Live;
And Like All Things, You Too Shall Return Home
For We Are One
Without You,
I Am


       IF I HAD MY WAY

If I Had My Way, I would just work and play,
And enjoy the day as normal people do;
I would make playful use of leisure, pursue
My childhood dreams and pleasures, and
Live for wild and exotic adventures.  This is
What I would do, If I Only Had My Way.

If Only I Had My Way, I would only sing songs
That give Me pleasure; I would sing about crazy
Sexy love, holding and rubbing and squeezing tight,
And giving good loving all through the night.  This
Is what I would do, If Only I Had My Way.

If I Really Had My Way, I would just write poems
About nature; I would write about the
Bright colored rainbow, the flowers
And the bees, and the birds that fly.  I would
Write about the Early Morning Sun and The Big
Yellow Moon, and the beauty that they give to
The heavenly sky.  This is exactly what I would
Do, If I Really Had My Way.

But I Don't Have My Way, so I must kneel and pray,
Give Thanks and Praise to THE MOST HIGH GOD, who
Has guided and protected Me throughout My Life.
I must make good use of leisure, give to the
Best of My ability, and offer a helping hand to
My fellowo/man and humanity.  These are the
Things that I must do.

I must not only sing songs of Love, but also
Redemption Songs, Songs Of Freedom; songs of
Peace not war, songs of Love not hate, and I must
Also sing Black Songs, songs about My People.
And if I do sing songs about Love, I must sing
About Righteous Love, Eternal Love, and Divine
Love.  These are the songs that I must sing.

Writing poems about nature gives Me spiritual
Pleasure; but I must also write poems about
Struggle, The Struggle of My People, past and
Present.  I must also write poems about injustice,
And encourage humanity to Sow Some Seeds Of
Justice; and I must write poems about Truth, that
We may learn to seek Truth and Set Ourselves Free.

					David L. Weeks
   LASANA Productions 


We are the Creators of the Universe
We may have been stolen from our continent
But never removed from the richness of our Culture.
We are that warm comfortable patchwork quilt
Put together with scraps, but sewn so tightly together
We provide warmth and comfort on the coldest nights.
Sewn with an invisible thread of strength
That binds all of us together.
We nurture your babies
Turn your daughters into ladies
We make boys put away their toys
And turn your son's into men.
When the sun rises
We start the process all over again.

   Karen Roberts 

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