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poems of the week

Enjoy these poems and please email the poets (where applicable) and give them some feedback!

I'm Hurting

I'm hurting with the thought
of not seeing you.
I'm hurting with the thought
of not touching you.
But I guess you don't care.
If you did, I'd be with you right now.
Just to give you a tender kiss
on the lips,
To feel your arms around my waist,
and to feel your breath upon my skin.
I would give anything to be with you.
I'm bursting with pain
that is waiting to be healed.
I'm hurting with the thought
of not hearing you call my name.

I cry myself to sleep 
just thinking of you.
I dream of you
when I sleep.
I dream we are together
like the way I want
it to be.
But then I awake
without you beside me,
and I realize the dream is over.
Only if you knew I'm hurting
because of you.

	Diana Cepeda (c)  1995


We did not come
here on an international dream
nor sailed in our own boats
to cultivate a hoot of horns

and the voice said:
take this and write

we did not hear the music
of crumbling walls
to join a crowd of exodus
to go lost in a night of hurts

we were sitting at
our somewhere
sleeping on the pavement
of our minds, when the cross

of Golgatha arrived
and the agony of the jazz
the tears of the blues
they sang the dirges

to the last foot fall
of our murmurous waves
and the voice said:
take this and write

and I wrote with the silent
bells of the diviners and
the bleating of the goats announce it
and the cut on the forgotten elbow

will remind the suckling in
a corner of history
I too cried for their love when
the voice called to me to write

Padmore Agbemabiese (c) 1998


Take a trail of smoke,
Let it rise high.
Cover the world with its musty soot.
Watch the city grow and adjust
For the life of progress
We must?

Take a people 
Rush the fast....
They learn to live,
With a clock on their backs.
If one runs down, push it aside.
There's no time to revive.
For the life of progress,
We must?

Take a forest, let it grow,
Chop it down and pave a road.
Fill in the street with phony green.
Look at its beauty, cold and mean.
For the life of progress,
We must?

Take children, innocent and new,
Teach them to mistrust everything we do.
Teach them to feel, only if it pays.
Teach them to love, on their off days.
Tell them to listen, only to your tune.
Teach them to memorize, your sacred hune
Let them be, their own personality,
Only if it's in time,
With the national reality.
No dreams that don't show
The prewritten path.
No thoughts that live for future cusps.
For the life life of progress,


     Journey On...

Good Natured

If my nature could
the Moon into one
thousand quarters
Would you eat each piece
as if it were your last
From the tips of my fingers


And if the Moon
could to my nature
quarter thousands
Could you piece the last
and eat


The Moon to my Nature
to the Nature
to Nature
so natural
So we
We to thee

Is our Calling.

I see it this eve ---
Quarters of you
And me
For the whole



At night when every one is fast asleep, 
And  the house is quiet except for the stairs that creak.
Little people walk around,
Very busy without a sound
They push people out their beds,
And put little thoughts in your heads.
You may never even know they're there,
Cause they might be hiding in your hair.
But they are here every night,
And they leave when it gets light.

Akilah H. - JAZISAG

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