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poems of the week

Enjoy these poems and please email the poets (where applicable) and give them some feedback!

Let Me Take The Throne As Your African Queen

Why have you been my giver?
You ask of me and I Deliver
You say you love me and I love you back.
You turn away from me time and time again to be an Overage Mack.
Stand Beside me, African King.
Let me take the Throne as your African Queen.

It seems like we are more Friends than lovers now.
We talk and we help each other out.
But there is so Much truth we cannot face.
Never release your heart.
My past is tainted until YOU open my heart...
Now that my heart is open,
You went away.
I feel I need you so much but a part of you is Never quite there
I do not know where your heart belong.
I just do not know.
All I can do is pray for you to be with me total.

Why have you not been my giver?
You ask of me and I deliver, You love me and I love you back
You are turning away to be an Overage Mack.
African King
Let, ME
Take the throne as you Wife and African Queen.
Silently I do not say to many words.
I know where you been before and where you are.
Unconditionally, I love you always.
You are cherish by the many things you give me.
I admire your accomplishment.
The love we share Brought US to a higher plain.
I rejoice the fact I had your children to roam another generation.
Your heart is What I truly want to embrace.
If you just let it.
So all I can say is Stand Beside me African King.
Let me take the throne as your African Queen.
We are one, not many or several.  We share the same pain and tears and
laugher.  It is so simple, If you just let it.  My love for you is 
true but will my heart ache if it is not the truth?
Why have you been my giver?
You ask of me and I deliver, You love me and I love you back.
You turn away to be an Overage Mack.
Stand beside me African King.
Let me take the throne as you African Queen.

Marilyn Marshall

Love Complications

As a child, it's a fairy tale;
As a teen, it's infatuation;
As a adult, it's one endless complication.

As a child I read about knights in shining armor,
I thought this would be the man I would marry.
As a teen, I thought I knew love,
but found infatuation quite scary.

Now I'm all grown up, not sure if I should believe.
Love is tearing me apart, and making me crazy.
It seems like all my bubbles have burst,
All of my sunshine is now hazy.

I've been lied to, beaten, and cheated on.
I've been talked about, used, and scorn.
I've been manipulated, and persuaded.
My heart is constantly torn.

They've tried stripping me of my self-esteem,
Tried to take away my pride.
They've tried to make me hang my head low,
feeling I should run and hide.

Is this all that love has to offer me?
Should I become as hard as stone?
Should I become the b--ch they're calling me,
or should I stay high upon my throne?

I have a baby girl that looks up to me,
I have to steer her right.
Do I tell her of love so fair,
or tell her of my plight?

As I dig down into my soul,
I find beauty no one can take away.
I find a woman fit for a king,
A strong, intelligent, black woman, to their dismay.

I am the creator's child,
He walks with me through the struggles of life.
Now, I no longer feel alone and confused,
He made me a wise mother, and loving wife.

Angela Jones-Carr 


times can be
i find it 
in the 
even though
things r 
but rare
in form,
which brings 
guidance in souls.
as the wind
heals my pain.
by heavenly 
sealing my wounds.


it's piercings leave

listen to the sound,
the wind of love.
as I CRADLE myself
in knowing, that
could only

Phaedra Davis -

LoveLost(Black Relationships)

I feel myself becoming lost in the completeness that makes you who you are   
You'll always and forever be my star  
Radiating luminescence upon my essence with just your presence
The sheer elegance you represent can only compliment your spiritual eloquence
When you speak its like you reach each and every component of my being
Now at last I'm seeing you and I completing this cipher
Bringing the love full circle, no limit our bond is infinite
like time and space I make haste never to waste, or erase this 
concept that we both embrace

But it's time that I face the facts of the realness
Our love is lost and I can feel it, I try to conceal it
Seems my heart is shielded by this ebony mass that I try to 
surpass, but still it lasts
I just can't get past these feelings of regretence
See two sole elements intertwined to form irrelevance and it
makes no sense

How you can go from love to hate, from trust to deceit, 
and from whole to incomplete
As I repeat and replay the series of events that lead us to this
Examining all the evidence I guess its us that I truly miss.

Roderick Harmon -

I Think You Need Back Up
Vet (Gifted One) 

I've been arrested on a 211
burglary for breaking and entering on fools minds

Convicted of murder
187 on long lived stereotypes

I have warrants in all 50 states and 3 foreign countries

I'm wanted
for carrying a concealed weapon
just because they feel I hide my mind

I've been tried for assault &battery
because of my verbal backlash

I'm being hunted 
because of my escape 
from early motherhood and rock whore stances

I was booked for resisting arrest
of my free flying soul and thought process

See I'm dangerous
a threat to society
A Black 
free thinking 
God gifted

You're in a deadly situation
I'm armed and dangerous
my mouth is the barrel and my mind the clip
Weigh your options twice
Yeah, I thought so
Call your fellow boys in blue
You can't handle me alone
I think you need back up

I wasn't dragged
I walked into court willing
but still cuffed
what they really wished to have, my mind 
was shackle free

The sneering judge asked me my plea
Staring into dead ice blue eyes
I grinned and stated proudly Guilty
See I own up to my charges and transgressions

What about you
My country 'tis of thee?

Vet (Gifted One)


The groom stands at the alter
But his bride doesn't show

The light turns green but the
Man slumped behind the wheel can not make the truck go

The father of the newborn looks to 
His wife and says, "Honey lets name him Will"
But she doesn't reply, she just lays still

The young doctor heart stops in 
The middle of a toast to his family's health

A little girl falls to the ground
As her bicycle rolls on by itself

Before taking a nap a college student
Prays that he will pass an upcoming test
He never makes it to class, never awakes from his rest

Cheerleaders scream as their team face off
Against their rivals in a game of basketball
The star athlete goes up for a dunk
His head hit the rim, he falls

People waiting at the church, wonder why the body has yet to arrive
None of them know, that as of five minutes ago, the undertaker is no
longer alive

At a family cookout the children play baseball in the yard
The ball hits one of them a little to hard

The night of the prom the girl waits and waits
The next day she still hasn't heard from her date

At a restaurant a woman says she has to go powder her nose
Unaware to her boyfriend, her soul is gone before the bathroom door

In vain firemen rush to the scene, for the flames have been
Set by angels with orders to let the world burn

As promised, when least expected
Jesus Christ has returned

Demeterius Smith -

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