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Walt Goodridge Founder of the Poets Niche, Walt Goodridge is president of and the creator of Walt's Friday Inspirations. Born in Jamaica, West Indies, Walt moved to the United States at an early age and has created a unique resume for himself as civil engineer, radio DJ, record label owner, writer, inventor, and now poet! Visit Walt's Site to learn more about Walt's ventures and other creations, including his new book: Turn Your Passion Into Profit!



Monica Blache is the really nice person who keeps things running smoothly at the Poets Niche. Following is an interview of moni: moni: What kind of work do you do? moni: I am a legal secretary, paralegal, litigation specialist, and class action coordinator. (My official job title is Amanuensis, which is defined as a "slave with secretarial duties."). I have worked on class action cases as small as 2,500 claims to as large as 250,000 claims. Every stinkin' day, I have an emergency court deadline or a client attorney is yelling at me for not reading their minds. My motto is "I LOVE THE LAW BECAUSE ONE DAY I MIGHT HAVE TO USE IT TO BAIL MYSELF OUT OF JAIL." (This is where my insanity defense comes in). moni: Where did you get your sense of humor? moni: There was a blue-light special at Wal-Mart, so I picked up two -- funny humor and dry humor. I wanted to be an actress, but I couldn't remember all those damn lines. Instead, I ended up at the Ed McMahon School for sidekicks. Read more Moni's interview



Shawn"My name is Shawn Antonio Goins. I am a 25 year old black male residing in Chicago (Westside!!) I have one brother who is 28 and no sisters. I am also the proud father of a 3 year old boy whom I couldn't imagine life without. He is my sun that warms up my soul and I love him very much. My birthday is August 3 (Leo). I really don't have any hobbies but I have a variety of interest that include shopping, writing, reading, going to the movies, going to plays and cultural events, and of course spending time with my son. I work as a test engineer. I write programs for SCSI connectors (for those who know networks and computers). I have a A.A.S. in electronics and a B.S. in technical management. I am now in the process of working on my masters in project management." Read more about Shawn



moni: Tell us some of the rich history which is unique to your hometown. Padmore: In reality, I come from the Royal House and I am the Chief of my community. My hometown actually forms the Advance Guard Army of our traditional clan [the Anlo-Ewes]. We provide the King of the Tribe the Spokesman or the linguist. Close to my hometown is the famous Shrine made up of an evergreen forest stretching almost two to three miles in radius and if you set it on fire it will not burn. You may doubt this but it is true. It is in this shrine that all Chiefs and the King of the Anlo-Ewes are crowned/enstooled. If a Chief is elected by a community, he is brought into this forest for rituals and rites to be performed on him before any society can recognize him. And it is from this Shrine that the Chief can be destooled. Thus, to be from my hometown you must be intelligent in the language, customs and traditions of the area. Read more of Padmore's interview



Rose "bams" Cooper Everyone is dying to know, how did get the nickname(s) bams, bambam or bammer? Once upon a time, a long time ago, in the majical land known as Deetwoit, there lived a Maiden Faire who loved a Boy with a love so pure, it cleansed all that came before and e're after. In her eyes, the Boy was the sun, the moon, and the stars, and he nourished Faire Maiden's heart and soul. In time, the Boy grew, and the Maiden grew with him--but all too soon, 'twere time for Faire Maiden to be off to yonder University (which some calleth Oakland) to tackle small dragons and wrest beautiful Bears' hearts from beyond heavily fortified brick walls and such. But before the Maiden went off on her merry trek, she took sticks to skins and cymbals, and played a cacophony to some ears that, ne'ertheless, was intriguing to the young sir. So intriguing, indeed, that he clapped and laughed, crying out, "BAM!BAM!". And it stuck. Read more about bams!



Saleem "If you believe it you can achieve it. . .if you stay at it long enough your stuff will be published. Remember that "writer's write", just keep writing, then write some more -- Write ON! It goes without saying that none of this could or would have happened without yours & Walt's help and tireless dedication. I am looking forward to ... a banner year for the Poets Niche and everyone involved. Read more of Saleem's interview in moni's top ten.

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My other hobbies include collecting comic books, reading and listening to music. I LOVE music. A melody could just catch my heart, and I'm gone. I have a passion for R&B love songs, but I also enjoy jazz, gospel and 60's/70's Soul. I'm just a laid back type of guy, and my taste in music somewhat indicates that.

moni: Most folks may not remember this, and our new members don't know, but you were the first, and ONLY, member to WIN the opportunity to write an inspiration and have it emailed with Walt's Friday Inspiration #50. Were you excited to win, and did that experience change your life?

James: Darn straight, and I was happy to win!! It changed my life in the fact that I actually felt accepted at that point. I felt as if I had reached that next level in my writing, and that things could only go up. I thank the Niche for the opportunity, and Walt for letting me share his space. Read more of James' interview



Ghada El Kurd as born in Doha, Qatar, and currently resides in Amman of the Hashimite Kingdom of Jordan. She was educated in Jordan's elite schools , and received her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in 1998.

Ghada is the Head Designer and manages a fashion house which she helped establish back in 1994. Ghada loves to read, write poetry, and is currently working on her first novel.

Ghada's work is featured in Come into Our Whirl



Twenty-one year old, Trend Carlos Truesdale, was raised by her grandmother, uncles and aunts. Since was the youngest person in the household and felt no one could really relate to her, writing and painting became her passion. Initially, writing poetry allowed her to vent her anger. Now, it's a means to help her learn more about herself. She is currently attending Clemson University and majoring in Fine Arts and English. moni: I just love your name! Whose idea was it to name you Trend and what does it mean? trend: Thank you! It was my grandmother's idea to name me Trend, and I've often asked her where she got it from, and she'll just shrug as if she hasn't a clue. When people would ask me when I was younger, I would say that she was washing clothes and looked up at that box of cheap Trend Detergent and said, "Eureka!" As for the meaning, I think that the only one that I know of is the dictionary meaning. She has never really explained that one to me. Read more about Trend



I moved to the states (Maryland) in the spring of 1985, and I've been living here ever since. I must admit, I wasn't planning to be here that long. But then again, I had no idea that I would start writing poetry either. I was an artist, and I drew things. But as I was saying, my plan was to return home a couple years after finishing college. It's obvious, things didn't quite work out the way I planned. What I miss most about home is the weather, the beaches (for its rejuvenating purposes), and just the laid backness.

moni: Who, why and how did Ancient Tradition become your pen name?

David: Ancient Tradition was originally the name of one of my poems. It became my Dread name (pen name as you call it) when I joined a chat community on the internet. I was... Read more of moni's interview with David



Katherine was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, but currently lives in Dallas, Texas. She is the founder of a non-profit oganization, Minority Resource, Inc. MRI is an Online Business Resource Center website that helps minorities, women and small business entrepreneurs start or maintain a business.

She is also an actor and singer. She exposes her heart and soul in her writing. Her poetry not only touches the reader deeply but her sense of humor will tickle the soul. Each compilation offers food for thought, hope for those in despair, and love during loneliness.

Kat's work is featured in Come Into Our Whirl



I am a weaver of fabric, a weaver of words, and a weaver of life. I have a logo called WeaverWorks, which all three fall under. I can make an outfit without a pattern or use one if necessary. I like to work with African textiles when I make wall hangings, pillows, quilts and coats. Sewing relaxes me, especially while listening to music. Besides poetry (thank you for the beautiful), I write short stories and am working on the story of my life, which is a work-in-progress. I am also a songwriter (I used to have an R&B and Jazz band when I sang for my supper and did a few national commercials, but when the kiddies started coming, I had to get a REAL JOB). And last, but not least, being an avid reader and having had a multitude of experiences throughout my lifetime, I am also a weaver of life. Meaning...

Read more of moni's interview with Nyra

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